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Dr. Nigel E. Turner

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
33 Russell Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2S1

​Dr. Nigel E. Turner is an Independent Scientist with the Institute for Mental Health Policy Research at CAMH. He is also Assistant Professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health
University of Toronto. Dr. Turner has a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. 

Areas of Research
Dr. Nigel E. Turner is a well-published researcher in the field of gambling studies. He has extensive experience in a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods including experiments, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and content analysis.

In addition to numerous research publications and conference presentations, he has helped develop and evaluate prevention material for problem gambling (Turner, Macdonald, & Somerset, 2008). This problem gambling prevention program is available for free (see Turner, Macdonald, Ballon, Dubois, 2010 below for full reference).

He is one of the leading researchers in the psychology of electronic gambling machine technology and has published papers on the interface between the psychology of the player and the mathematics of the gambling technology (Turner, 2011). In this study it is shown how the electronic gambling games are designed to provide a high level of positive reinforcement in the short term which encourages continued play, but very few long term winners.

For the past 5 years he has been conducting research on problem gambling amongst adult offenders (Turner, Preston, Saunders, McAvoy, & Jain, 2009). This research indicates that 10% of the correctional population in Ontario has a severe gambling problem, and another 11% has a subclinical level of gambling problems.


View Dr. Turner's publications on Google Scholar.

Key references
Turner, N.E., (2011). Volatility, House Edge and Prize Structure of Gambling Games. Journal of Gambling Studies, 27, 607-623, DOI 10.1007/s10899-011-9238-0.

Turner, N.E., Preston, D.L., Saunders, C., McAvoy, S., & Jain, U. (2009). The relationship of problem gambling to criminal behaviour in a sample of Canadian male federal offenders. Journal of Gambling Studies, 25, 153-169.

Turner, N.E., Macdonald, J. & Somerset, M. (2008) Life skills, mathematical reasoning and critical thinking: A curriculum for the prevention of problem gambling. Journal of gambling studies, 24, 367-380.


Turner, N. E, .Macdonald, J., Ballon, B., Dubois, C., (2010).  Youth making choices: Gambling Prevention Program. Toronto, Ontario: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


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