Why workplace mental health matters



Mental illness costs us all

$2.5 trillion:


How you can impact change

Three key pledges

Start by taking a personal pledge as a leader and supporter of mental health amongst your employees. Then, take the next step by pledging to make mental health a strategic priority throughout your business. Finally, go beyond your workplace and make a philanthropic pledge by supporting CAMH.

Three key pledges

Leader’s Pledge

Take a stand as a mental health leader in your company and among your peers. Commit to being a normalizer-in-chief, generating awareness, combating stigma, and advocating for the adoption of research-informed workplace mental health solutions.

Business Pledge

Integrate an organization-wide mental health strategy as part of your overall business strategy. Adopt CAMH’s research-informed workplace mental health solutions that improve employee well-being and position the company as a role model for others. Measure progress and share your findings with CAMH to help inform best practices and new innovations.

Philanthropic Pledge

Support CAMH with a philanthropic gift to advance the work of Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world’s leading research centres.

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Your return on investment

Build up your people with exclusive access to events, engagement opportunities, and advocacy tools all while boosting your bottom line!


Members of CAMH’s Business Leaders for Mental Health Action will receive access to:

Mental Health Thought-Leadership Events

Network with business leaders and health care experts to share transformative insights and tangible outcomes for workplace mental health.

Workplace Mental Health Education and Employee Engagement Opportunities

Educate your leaders and managers on research-informed workplace mental health best practices and engage your employees at CAMH with the cause of mental health.

Mental Health Advocacy Tools

Promote your mental health leadership and support of CAMH with exclusive content that recognizes your role as a member of CAMH’s coalition of business leaders. You will also have access to tools specifically designed for the workplace.

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