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Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

The Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostic Services Department provides relevant, accurate and timely information that contributes to the wellness of the community

About Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

Geriatric Inpatient Services

Acute stabilization of symptoms and active treatment utilizing interprofessional approaches that integrate mental health and addictions with geriatric perspectives.

About Geriatric Inpatient Services

Drug Treatment Court Services

An intervention model combining drug addiction treatment with supervision of a “problem-solving” court, as an alternative to incarceration for individuals facing charges from non-violent criminal activities related to substance abuse.

About Drug Treatment Court Services

Addictions Assessment Service

This service discusses the patient's history, strengths and perceived needs, suggesting available services that may be appropriate for each case.

About Addictions Assessment Service

Nicotine Dependence Clinic

The Nicotine Dependence Clinic offers several specialized outpatient treatments for anyone who wants to quit or reduce their tobacco use.

About Nicotine Dependence Clinic

Better Behaviours Service

The Better Behaviours Service (BBS) offers assessment and treatment for young people six to 18 years old (and their parents/caregivers) who are demonstrating disruptive behaviour. Children and young people seen in the service are demonstrating oppositional, non-compliant, aggressive, impulsive and/or dysregulated behaviour.

About Better Behaviours Service

CAMH enhances CARIBOU Pathway for youth with depression

CARIBOU is an evidence-based integrated care pathway (ICP) for adolescents with depression. It creates a roadmap for structured, multi-disciplinary care plans that map the treatment process from start to finish.

About CAMH enhances CARIBOU Pathway for youth with depression

Family Service

The Family Service provides treatment and support services to anyone who is concerned about the substance use of someone else.

About Family Service