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Addictions Services Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Medical Withdrawal Unit

We offer inpatient medication assisted withdrawal management (treating withdrawal symptoms using medications) for people who have a history of complicated withdrawal, or for whom withdrawal without medications is dangerous.

Withdrawal from addictive substances can be difficult, both emotionally and physically. Sometimes people need professional care and support to make the withdrawal process safer.

Our team of nurses, pharmacists, doctors, social workers, dieticians and recreational therapists work together with each person to develop a comprehensive withdrawal management plan that is one part of the recovery journey. 

Admission is also entirely voluntary. For safety reasons once admitted, clients are not allowed to leave the medical withdrawal unit, and no visitors are allowed during the admission period. To provide better service and support it is advisable for clients with mobility issues to communicate their needs prior to admission.

We offer therapeutic groups; participation in these groups is essential and an expectation throughout the admission.

CAMH is a tobacco free environment  and we provide nicotine replacement support.

All services are confidential and covered by OHIP.

To access services please contact :Access CAMH 416-535-8501. extension 2. You will be connected to staff who will determine your treatment needs.

Location: 40 and 50 White Squirrel Way, Toronto (just West of Queen St. West and Ossington)

Notes: Admission hours: 9:00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. after your admission date is confirmed. No admission on weekends or public holidays.

CAMH Switchboard 416-535-8501
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