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Youth Justice Assessment Clinic

The Youth Justice Assessment Clinic works with justice-involved youth and provides comprehensive assessment reports to the court. A court order from a judge is required to conduct an assessment.

About Youth Justice Assessment Clinic

Clinical High Risk (CHR) Service

The CHR Service is dedicated to the early identification and treatment of people aged 14 to 29 who are at risk of developing psychosis.

About Clinical High Risk (CHR) Service

Forensic General Units

CAMH's Forensic General Units provide a variety of services to inpatients. All patients are admitted under the Criminal Code of Canada.

About Forensic General Units

Forensic Early Intervention Service (FEIS)

This service offers ongoing assessment and support to clients at risk of being unfit to stand trial or who pursue a not criminally responsible defense.

About Forensic Early Intervention Service (FEIS)

Integrated Care Pathway for Major Depression and Alcohol Dependence

This pathway treats patients by putting them at the centre of care and ensuring they see the right care providers at the right place and time.

About Integrated Care Pathway for Major Depression and Alcohol Dependence

Schizophrenia Services

These inpatient and outpatient services offer treatment to people experiencing acute phase schizophrenia or a related disorder or people who need help managing their illness.

About Schizophrenia Services

New Beginnings Clinic: CAMH Services for Refugees

CAMH's New Beginnings Clinic offers psychiatric consulting, care provider consulting and culturally sensitive interventions to newly arrived refugees.

About New Beginnings Clinic: CAMH Services for Refugees

Adult Neurodevelopmental Services

This service provides short-term, inter-professional goal-oriented assessment and treatment to adults diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism. ANS also offers Autism diagnostic assessments.

About Adult Neurodevelopmental Services

Forensic Outpatient Service

We offer treatment and management for clients under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Review Board with disposition orders for community residency.

About Forensic Outpatient Service

Forensic Brief Assessment Unit

CAMH's Forensic Brief Assessment Unit (BAU) offers psychiatric assessments related to forensic “fitness” and criminal responsibility for adult offenders.

About Forensic Brief Assessment Unit