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Memory Clinic

This clinic offers assessments and follow-up services for clients over the age of 50 with concerns regarding memory or other areas of cognition

About Memory Clinic

Telemental Health

Telemental Health offers real-time client care via secure videoconferencing.

About Telemental Health

Structured Observation and Treatment Unit

This unit provides interim assessment, treatment and stabilization of male patients with major mental illnesses that represent a safety risk.

About Structured Observation and Treatment Unit

Forensic Psycholegal Clinic

This is a new full-spectrum forensic psychiatry third-party referral clinic offered at CAMH within the Work Stress and Health program.

About Forensic Psycholegal Clinic

Psychosis Coordinated Care Service

This program is designed to offer a highly structured treatment program for patients experiencing acute psychotic and severe mental health issues.

About Psychosis Coordinated Care Service

Interprofessional Pain and Addiction Recovery Clinic (IPARC)

This service assists patients who are experiencing an established chronic pain condition along with an aberrant use or dependence on substances.

About Interprofessional Pain and Addiction Recovery Clinic (IPARC)

Mood and Anxiety Ambulatory Services (MAAS)

CAMH's Mood and Anxiety Ambulatory Services provide outpatient services to clients with mood and anxiety disorders.

About Mood and Anxiety Ambulatory Services (MAAS)

Gender Identity Clinic (Adult)

The Adult Gender Identity Clinic offers services to individuals and their primary care practitioners in regard to gender identity and expression.

About Gender Identity Clinic (Adult)

Downtown Clinics

This service provides coordinated and comprehensive treatment for people who have chronic schizophrenia or related disorders and live in the community.

About Downtown Clinics

Youth Justice Assessment Clinic

The Youth Justice Assessment Clinic works with justice-involved youth and provides comprehensive assessment reports to the court. A court order from a judge is required to conduct an assessment.

About Youth Justice Assessment Clinic