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Molecular Science

Molecular medicine identifies the complex processes happening in neuron cells and aims to understand how cells communicate with each other, to unravel the causes of psychiatric illnesses.​

  • The Biopsychology Lab investigates the biological foundations of normal and abnormal behaviours, focusing on the role of brain neurotransmitter systems and their interactions in controlling behaviour.
  • The Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology Laboratory focuses on these processes involved in bipolar affective disorders, as well as the effects of mood stabilizing drugs, to develop diagnostic tests and improve treatments. 
    In the Cognitive Psychopharmacology Lab researchers examine the neurobiological basis of substance use and gambling disorders in human subjects. Our objective is to better understand the risk factors that contribute to gambling and substance use disorders including genetic factors, psychiatric comorbidities, intrinsic pharmacological properties of drugs, and drug kinetics. 
  • The Molecular Neuroscience Lab focuses on components of molecules involved in communication between neurons to determine how these components contribute to mental illness.
  • The Molecular Pharmacology Lab studies human and preclinical models to determine if the G-protein-coupled receptors have a mediating effect on drug dependence and schizophrenia. 
  • In the Neurobiology of Alcohol Lab​, research is focused on the neurobiological and environmental factors that influence alcohol consumption and result in relapses to identify more effective preventative and treatment measures. ​​​
  • The Neurobiology of Depression & Aging ​group's efforts are directed towards understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of major depression and aging through translational studies in the human postmortem brain and in pre-clinical models. 

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