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Work, Stress and Health Service Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Forensic Psycholegal Clinic

This is a new full-spectrum forensic psychiatry third-party referral clinic offered at CAMH within the Work Stress and Health program.  It is a multidisciplinary clinic, drawing on the expertise of forensic psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

The types of forensic psychiatry assessments that will be carried out include:

  • Violence Risk Assessments
    • General
    • Sexual
    • Domestic
    • Stalking
    • Threat
    • Workplace
  • Psychopathy Assessments
  • Malingering Assessments
  • Criminal Responsibility Assessments
  • Pre-sentence/Disposition Assessments
  • Dangerous Offender and Long-term Offender Assessments
  • Capacity Assessments (Professional Misconduct, Carry Firearm, etc.)
  • Civil Assessments (Fitness for Duty, Disability Evaluations, etc.)

The Psycholegal Clinic is only able to accept third party psycholegal assessment requests.  Third parties include the Court, legal counsel (defense and crown), professional bodies (CPSO, CMPA, Law Society of Upper Canada), law enforcement (RCMP, OPP), and employment assistance programs.  Please note that these assessments are not funded by the Ministry of Health.

The clinic cannot accept self-referrals, referrals from family members or from physicians (internally or externally). Third parties, such as lawyers, must contact the clinic directly to initiate the referral.  For physician-requested referrals regarding sexual offending or paraphilias, the Sexual Behaviour Clinic should be contacted directly (at 416.535.8501 ext. 34886).

This Psycholegal Clinic has a mandate to provide the highest professional standard in forensic practice, and cases may be peer reviewed and case-conferenced.  Consistent with the goals of professional development, this clinic will involve training residents and fellows in forensic psychiatry.

Referrals can be made by calling the Forensic Psycholegal Clinic (at 416.535.8501 ext. 77360) or sending a Consultation Request fax to (416.971.7172). Faxed documentation is to be addressed to the Forensic Psycholegal Clinic.

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