Muslim Asian family with child

"The goal we worked on was exactly what I was hoping to work on. I love that [my therapist] just got it! She knew the culture and I didn’t have to spend time informing her about my culture."


Along with the final report on the study, we offer several resources for mental heath professionals and for the general public.

Research Study Report

Outlining its background, methodology, findings, and recommendations (Available in English and French).

For mental health professionals

Training package
  • CaCBT Manual: that gives mental health professionals hands-on techniques for implementing the therapy including quick tips, handouts, and easy-to-use summary sheets (available in English and French).
  • Training Videos: to supplement the manual and enrich trainees’ experience while learning about CaCBT. Videos include role-play scenarios, learning activities, and summary of concepts to help learners enhance their CaCBT training experience.
Information Flyer for Mental Health Professionals

Provides details about CaCBT, along with quotes from service users and mental health professionals about their experience with the intervention (available in English and French).

For general public

Information Flyer for Service Users

Provides CaCBT information on what to expect from the therapy, and quotes from individuals who previously received the intervention (Available in English, Bengali, Gujrati, Hindi, Punjabi Tamil and Urdu).