Since 1989, we have significantly expanded our positron emission tomography (PET) research capabilities, encompassing PET imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), pre-clinical imaging, digital autoradiography, a radiochemistry production facility, and neuro-science research programs. Our imaging facilities empower researchers to delve into the complexities of the brain, facilitating a deeper understanding of brain health and the advancement of treatments.

List of Facilities

  • PET Core Facility: We house the Discovery MI 5 and the HRRT (High Resolution Research Tomograph).
  • Cyclotrons: We have two cyclotrons, including the dual-particle cyclotron Scanditronix MC-17 and the IBA Cyclone18 cyclotron.
  • MRI Facility: We have a 3T GE Discovery MR750 equipped with multinuclear imaging capabilities.
  • Radiochemistry Facility: Our radiochemistry laboratories are fully equipped, featuring two setups, one of which permits GMP production of short-lived positron-emitting radiotracers for human use. Our radiochemistry facility comprises a total of 17 HEPA-filtered hot cells (Comecer), housing over 12 commercial automated synthesis units (GE, Synthra, Neptis, Scansys), as well as custom-designed apparatus for non-traditional radiochemistry. We also have two laboratories for radio-metabolite analysis.
  • PET Data Analysis Laboratory: This laboratory is outfitted with contemporary radiochromatography and radiopharmaceutical analysis equipment to ensure robust quality control.
  • Pre-Clinical Imaging Facility: We have a 3-Tesla PET-MR and PET-CT system from Mediso, tailored for pre-clinical imaging studies. We have a complete pre-clinical neuroscience research facility which also includes digital-autoradiography, fluorescent slide scanner, etc. 

    We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of imaging technology and research, contributing to the advancement of neuroscience and fostering breakthroughs in understanding brain function and disorders.

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