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Post-Graduate Studies (PGY1 Addiction Psychiatry)

The PGY I Addiction Psychiatry rotation goals are to provide a comprehensive and focused training in developing core competencies of understanding the basics of addiction medicine and psychiatry, how to manage acute states of intoxication and withdrawal, approaches to treatment (e.g. pharmacology and motivational enhancement techniques), and experiencing different settings for treatment intensity (e.g. withdrawal management units, day treatment programs, out-patient clinics etc). Exposure to the above with processing from supervisors will focus on developing professional attitudes and behaviours for dealing with addiction issues.

Clinical experiences will include training time in addiction medicine clinics, and medical withdrawal unit experiences with the opportunities to do addiction psychiatry consultations. Access to general and specialized addiction therapy clinics with a more "hands-on" approach will also be available at a variety of sites. Opportunities to train in community settings will also be offered, including an opportunity to attend a 12-step meeting. 

We strive to make the rotation learner-based as much as possible. As you go through the rotation, with discussion with the coordinators, it will be possible to shape the latter half of the rotation to include some addiction electives in areas that interest you in the​ field. The core objectives for your addiction psychiatry training for residency are listed below, however, we encourage you to also come up with your own personal learning objectives that can be incorporated into the rotation.

We also encourage reflective journaling to help you become more aware of how you learn, your attitudes, and become mindful of your clinical skills.

I hope you have a wonderful educational training while here. If it seems you are not, please let us know about it sooner rather than later! Please contact Danica Furtado Fernandes at (416) 535-8501 ext 39411 or for any concerns about the schedule.

All the best, 

Dr. Peter Voore
Addictions Medical Coordinator, CAMH​​

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