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Volunteer Programs and Placements Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

CAMH Corporate Volunteer Program

The program partners with corporations to build and sustain healthy communities. Recently awarded with the Legacy Award for Community Building by Volunteer Toronto ​​this unique Corporate Volunteer Program provides an opportunity for your employees to make a difference by volunteering at CAMH.

Employee volunteerism:

  • Encourages employees to use their skills and talents in rewarding ways
  • Enhances your organization's teamwork, develops leadership skills, and boosts morale.
  • Promotes sense of community​ and social obligation

The CAMH Corporate Volunteer Program offers:




According to Health Canada, one in five Ontarians experience a mental illness in their lifetime. So chances are that someone you know has been affected.

How can the CAMH Corporate Volunteer Program benefit my organization?

Participating in the program:

  • Promotes Work Place Well BeingDemonstrates good corporate citizenship
  • Encourages networking between organizations and creates opportunities to increase your organization’s community profile.
  • Excellent opportunity for team building
  • Better productivity and morale amongst employees

How can my organization promote employee volunteerism?

  • Encourage and support employee participation in volunteer activities.
  • Create a corporate volunteer committee, and invite speakers and publish articles on volunteerism.

How does volunteerism benefit employees?

Volunteering benefits employees by:

  • Creating a sense of social commitment and responsibility
  • Reflecting personal values and beliefs
  • Improving sense of loyalty and job satisfaction.

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What volunteer opportunities are available?

Activities may include leading or assisting in:

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CAMH's Corporate Volunteer Program Brochure ​(PDF)

Corporate Volunteers Application Form (PDF)

Interested in volunteering? Get in touch: 

Jim Davey                                                                      
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Coordinator, Volunteer Resources
416-535-8501 X 36238     



"Everything I experienced today indicated that stigma about mental health is unnecessary and if we, as a society, were more involved with people dealing with mental health there would be very little misjudgment and myths."

Corporate Volunteer from Adjudication & Medical Policy-Medical Advisory Unit, ODSP Branch, Ministry of Community and Social Services after volunteering with CAMH clients

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