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Volunteer Programs and Placements Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Corporate Volunteers Testimonials



 OMERS June 2010

OMERS Heritage Wall Gardening Day June 2010

Clients and staff from the Mood and Anxiety and Addiction Programs at White Squirrel Way recently spent the day planting flower beds alongside CAMH’s Heritage Wall on White Squirrel Way with OMERS (Ontario Municipal Retirement Systems) Corporate Volunteers.

“I had the privilege of being one of the OMERS volunteers at CAMH that helped build a memorial garden in front of the original heritage wall that was built by former clients. This garden was to honour past clients and CAMH’s long service and commitment to the Community. I had a wonderful day working with various staff and clients at CAMH. We learned about their programs, toured their new facilities and met and worked with clients to build a beautiful garden,” notes Gail, an OMERS volunteer.​


 Direct Energy Dec 2010

Direct Energy Corporate volunteers energize client party Queen Site December 2009/2010

For a second year in a row, Direct Energy​ (DE) Corporate Volunteers descended on CAMH’s Annual Client Holiday party in December to help decorate, serve punch, play games, and serve the dinner to clients.  

“This is our holiday party,” said Janice Thomson, Direct Energy Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Communications.  The corporate volunteers from DE understand the importance of connecting with the CAMH Community and in fact forego their own holiday party to help out CAMH’s client party!

Bill Markakis, Recreation Therapist with Centre Wide Recreation recognized the efforts of DE in helping to make a positive connection between clients and the community. “I was deeply moved by the compassion and care that the volunteers demonstrated and I felt that they gave clients something they often don’t get, hope. Hope that people care and that they matter!”​


 Oxford Properties June 2010

Oxford Properties Corporate Volunteer Day-Strawberry Social with Centre Wide Recreation June 2009/2010

"The staff at CAMH made us all feel at ease and gave us amazing insight as to what to expect. We will tell everyone that this was a worthwhile and engaging experience." 

Another Oxford Properties volunteer offered that "Linda, who showed us around, was amazing! She told us what her life was like coming to the centre 30 years ago and how it has changed. She is a success and she's now enriching other people’s lives. As she said to us, now she has a purpose, which is important to everyone. The clients allowed us to become a part of their community and be a part of their day-to-day lives. I think as volunteers, we all brought something back with us from our interaction with the clients."​


 Aurigen Reinsurance May 2010

Aurigen Reinsurance Corporate Volunteer Gardening Day with the Addiction Medicine Clinic May 22 2009/2010

"For some individuals in our group, the CAMH event was the first time they heard of the organization and its services so the overview was an excellent means of introduction,” said Sherry.

“The opportunity to meet the clients and work with them helped people understand that individuals can appear ‘normal’ but still battle an illness or disease.  Also, the overview reassured people that mental illness and addictions touch everyone in some way.  Our experience was great – we are still talking about it.”​


 PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Aug 2010

PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Rise Up Adventure Program April 30 and August 20 2010

“Getting a better understanding of the mental health and addiction problems people face everyday. Also, breaking down the stigma that these people live with. Great program. Very important to volunteer for both the organization we are volunteering for and PwC as well.  Also, listening to the patients reflecting after the program and you can clearly tell how much you can make a difference.”   “Learning about CAMH, the stigma associated with mental health and addictions issues, and how we personally can help to change this. Amazing opportunity! I This was an incredibly fulfilling session. The clients spoke at the end about how much they valued our time commitment, and what our time meant to them - it was very moving, and really made me what to help further.”  

“Direct interaction with the clients was the most valuable element, as it showed us first-hand the difference we were making to the clients of the charity. I loved the experience I had during this activity. I got to meet the clients of the charity, and also got to meet other people from PwC. This was an experience that I will never forget. I look forward to participating in the Team Volunteering Program again next year. The activities/challenges that we participated in with the clients of CAMH was the most rewarding part of the day. We got to see first-hand how important these activities are to the clients of CAMH in terms of building self-confidence and breaking down barriers. We saw the clients open up to us more and more as the day progressed. Everyone was thankful to us for the time we volunteered, and we  were thankful to everyone at CAMH for the experience we got to share with them.”  ​


 Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants June 2008

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants-Gardening Day Schizophrenia Program Integrated Rehabilitation Unit (IRU).June 11th 2008

“I learned that mentally ill people are just people and not different from the rest of us - and a real appreciation for the work that the staff have done”

“Having a family member in the past that was mentally ill, I was impressed with the environment at CAMH, how clean it was, and the staff is excellent, also the programming is interesting and keeps focus on patients, working towards independence and fulfillment in life”

“I didn't know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to communicate with the clients. I realized it was a "there but for fortune" scenario...illness does not define the person.” ​


 Ministry of Community and Social Services June 2008

Ministry of Community and Social Services Gardening Day-College Site June 4th 2008

One Ministry of Community and Social Services volunteer noted on the day gardening with patients and staff: “I felt it provided a wide range of information about the programs and services offered by CAMH. It was great to hear the linkages between the services we offer at MCSS (ODSP and OW), and CAMH.​​


 TD Bank Suits Me Fine April 2008

TD Bank Suits Me Fine Corporate Volunteer Day April 8/08

One volunteer observed" I did get a sense at CAMH that clients/patients are treated with respect and that sends a powerful message. Thank you for that. For us it was a great afternoon and we all learned a lot. We can and will help get out your message of respect and tolerance.
Thanks so much."

TD Bank Financial Group Corporate Volunteer​


 Montgomery Sisam Art Group Nov 2007

Montgomery Sisam art group with the Toronto District Secondary School-College Site (TDSS) program November 7 2007

“Talking with Sara and Janice (TDSS Instructors) enabled us to direct the best approach to use with the students in order to engage them,” said Melissa, sharing her thoughts on the day. “Volunteering today was a very positive experience and I would definitely come again.” ​​
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