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Dr. Rohan Ganguli

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Schizophrenia Program​
1001 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario  M6J 1H4
(416) 535-8501 ext. 32102​

Dr. Ganguli is a Senior Scientist at CAMH and Professor of Psychiatry with the Faculty of Medicine. He holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Chronic Disease Management at the University of Toronto.

Areas of Research
Dr. Ganguli is interested in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in people with serious mental illness. People diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, typically have life expectancies that are 20-25 years shorter than the general population. Leading causes of death are not related to psychiatric symptoms, but are heart and other cardiovascular disease, similar to the general population. The prevalence of obesity, diabetes, lipid abnormalities, and other risk factors for heart disease is 2-3 times higher in this population. This undoubtedly accounts for much of the increased prevalence of, and mortality from, heart disease. Dr. Ganguli seeks to better understand the causes of increased risk and to develop, test, and disseminate interventions for lowering risk in this population.

Specific areas of investigation include: (1) Understanding the role of antipsychotic medication in contributing to obesity, insulin resistance and lipid abnormalities in people who need to take these medications to control psychiatric symptoms, and strategies to reduce these adverse effects. The studies in this area include investigation of changes in glucose metabolism, inflammatory mechanisms, and lipids, as well as studies of the metabolic benefits of switching patients to more metabolically benign medications. (2) Studies of behavioural and pharmacological interventions to reduce or eliminate metabolic abnormalities, using lifestyle interventions aimed at improving nutrition and physical activity patterns, as well as the use of medications, alone or in combination with psychological interventions. (3) Translational studies of the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions to improve the metabolic profile of individuals with psychotic illnesses, in the setting in which they receive treatment or social supports.

For more information, visit Dr. Ganguli’s personal website (

View Dr. Ganguli's publications on PubMed.

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