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Dr. Leon French

Dr. Leon French

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
250 College St.
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1R8
(416) 535-8501 ext. 34807

Dr. Leon French is an Independent Scientist in the Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute, as well as the Information Management Group at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Dr. French completed his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at the University of British Columbia in 2012. As a post-doctoral fellow, he joined the lab of Dr. Tomáš Paus at Baycrest Health Sciences' Rotman Research Institute and was co-supervised by Dr. Zdenka Pausova at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Areas of Research

Dr. French leverages his informatics background to exploit the increasing amount of neuroscience data. Specifically, he focuses on written text, brain structure, gene expression and epigenetics across the genome and the brain. He employs multifaceted approaches to gain information by using data that crosses scales and species. Common mental illnesses are complex, with many suspect genes and brain regions. To address this complexity, over $400 million has been spent on the creation of gene expression, connectivity and methylation atlases of the brain. Dr. French plans to create and apply tools to understand genes of interest from the perspective of these large brain atlases. More broadly, he applies data integration and mining to understand the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders. For more information, view his lab website.


View Dr. French’s publications on Google Scholar.

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