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Dr. Juveria Zaheer

Dr. Juveria Zaheer

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
33 Russell Street, Rm T307
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S1
416-535-8501 ext. 34201

Dr. Juveria Zaheer is a Clinician Scientist with the Institute for Mental Health Policy Research, and an Education Administrator in the Gerald Sheff and Shanitha Kachan Emergency Department at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. She is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

Areas of Research

Dr. Zaheer's research focuses on suicide, gender and culture. She is also involved in mixed-methods program evaluation and health services research.


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Lam, J. S., Gajaria, A., Matthews, D. M., & Zaheer, J. (2016). Bridging cultural psychiatry and global mental health: a resident-led initiative. Academic Psychiatry, 1-2.

Zaheer, J., Links, P. S., Law, S., Shera, W., Hodges, B., Tsang, A. K. T., ... & Liu, P. (2011). Developing a Matrix Model of Rural Suicide Prevention: A Canada-China Collaboration. International Journal of Mental Health, 40(4), 28-49.

Law, S. F., Liu, P., Hodges, B. D., Shera, W., Huang, X., Zaheer, J., & Links, P. S. (2011). Introducing psychiatry to rural physicians in China: an innovative education project. American Journal of Psychiatry, 168(12), 1249-1254.

Zaheer, J., Links, P. S., & Liu, E. (2008). Assessment and emergency management of suicidality in personality disorders. Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 31(3), 527-543.

Abraham, G., Milev, R., Delva, N., & Zaheer, J. (2006). Clinical outcome and memory function with maintenance electroconvulsive therapy: a retrospective study. The journal of ECT, 22(1), 43-45.

Milev, R., Abraham, G., & Zaheer, J. (2006). Add-on quetiapine for bipolar depression: a 12-month open-label trial. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 51(8), 523-530.

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