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Scientific Staff Profiles Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Dr. Elizabeth Lin

​Health Systems Research and Consulting Unit
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
33 Russell Street, Room T313
Toronto, Ontario     M5S 2S1
(416) 535-8501 ext. 4102

Dr. Elizabeth Lin is a Research Scientist in the Health Systems Research and Consulting Unit at the Institute for Mental Health Policy Research. Dr. Lin is also an Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. 

Areas of Research
Dr. Lin's expertise is in using information from large-scale population surveys or administrative databases to describe how people use mental health care and to point out areas where service delivery might be improved. 

Dr. Lin has worked with the Mental Health Supplement to the Ontario Health Survey, an epidemiological survey of nearly 10,000 Ontario household residents which assessed their mental health status and associated disability and health care use. Dr. Lin has since served as a consultant for Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada for several household survey and chronic disease surveillance projects.  Dr. Lin has also used administrative data (e.g., fee-for-service and hospital datasets) to add to the picture of how mental health care is used and delivered in Ontario. This work has led to several reports including the mental health Practice Atlases produced by the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences and the mental health Hospital Reports. 


Selected Publications
Lin, E. and Durbin, J.  Adapting the Balanced Scorecard for mental health and addictions:  An inpatient example.  Healthcare Policy, 3(4), 160-174, 2008.

Born, L., Koren, G., Lin, E., and Steiner, M.  A new female-specific rating scale of irritability.  Journal of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, 33(4), 344-354, 2008.

Durbin, J., Lin, E., Layne, C, & Teed, M.  Is readmission a valid indicator of the quality of inpatient psychiatric care?  Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, 34(2), 137-150, 2007.

Breslin, F.C., Gnam, W., Franche, R-L, Mustard, C., & Lin, E. "Depression and activity limitations: examining gender differences in the general population." Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 41(8), 648-655, 2006.

Steele, L. S., Glazier, R. H., and Lin, E. "Inequity in mental health care under Canadian universal health coverage." Psychiatric Services, 57(3), 317-324, 2006.

Steele, L.S., Glazier, R.H., Lin, E., Austin, P.C., & Mustard, C.A. "Measuring the Effect of a Large Reduction in Welfare Payments on Mental Health Service Use in Welfare-Dependent Neighborhoods." Medical Care, 43(9):885-891, 2005.

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Woodside, B. & Lin, E. "The Canadian Psychiatric Association Practice Profile Survey: II. General description of results." Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 48(4): 244-249, 2003.

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and Environmental Health. 44(7):628-633, 2002

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Edlund, M. J., Wang, P.S., Berglund, P.A., Katz, S.J., Lin, E., & Kessler, R.C. "Dropping Out of Mental Health Treatment: Patterns and Predictors Among Epidemiological Survey Respondents in the United States and Ontario." American Journal of Psychiatry, May 2002; 159: 845-851, 2002.

Lin, E. A feasibility study of the use of provincial administrative health data sets for the surveillance of mental health service use in Ontario, Public Health Agency of Canada, 2006.

Lin, E., Veldhuizen, S., & Goering, P. Feasibility of Policy-Oriented Research on Depression with Linked Administrative and Survey Data (final report), Canadian Institute for Health Information and Statistics Canada, 2006

Lin, E., Durbin, J., Koegl, C., Murray, M., Tucker, T., Daniel, I., Markel, F., McGillis-Hall, L., McKillop, I., Pink, G., Layne, C., Prendergast, P., & Goering, P., Hospital Report 2004: Mental Health. Joint Initiative of the Ontario Hospital Association and the Government of Ontario. Toronto: Hospital Report Research Collaborative, University of Toronto, 2005.

Lin, E., Degendorfer, N., Durbin, J., Prendergast, P. & Goering, P. Hospital Report 2001: Mental Health. Joint Initiative of the Ontario Hospital Association and the Government of Ontario. Toronto: Hospital Report Research Collaborative, University of Toronto, 2002. 
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