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Dr. Brian Rush

Health Systems and Health Equity Research Group
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
33 Russell Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2S1
(416) 535-8501 ext. 6625​

Dr. Brian Rush is a Senior Scientist in the Social and Epidemiological Research Department. Dr. Rush is also a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Associate Professor in Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto. In 2005, Dr. Rush was granted an "Award of Merit" for his work in support of the Anti-Drug Secretariat Brazil in recognition to the significant contribution to the reduction of drug demand in Brazil.

Areas of Research
Dr. Rush has worked for over 30 years in a research and evaluation capacity in the substance abuse and mental health fields. He has a background of addiction and community mental health services and systems research, social /psychiatric epidemiology, with a focus on co-occurring mental and substance use disorders, evaluation and planning of community prevention, program and policy evaluation, and community needs assessment. His research interests have included: the longitudinal study of the addiction treatment system in Ontario; outcome assessment and performance measurement systems for substance abuse, problem gambling and mental health services; and prevalence and impact of concurrent substance and mental disorders. His research findings have been applied many times to needs-based planning and policy analysis for alcohol and drug treatment services in Ontario, other parts of Canada and internationally.

Dr. Rush has been extensively involved in the evaluation of assessment protocols and their potential for substance abuse treatment outcome assessment. He is also an internationally recognized expert in the area of screening for co-occurring disorders.  In 2001, he completed a report commissioned by Health Canada on Best Practice for the identification, assessment and treatment of people experiencing concurrent mental health and substance use disorders and following the publication of that report worked to improve Canadian data on the subject. This has included establishing prevalence rates in the general population and clinical samples and also evaluating various screening tools to improve detection rates. He is consulted widely on regional, provincial, and national issues related to the integration of mental health and substance abuse services. 


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