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Exciting Announcement: New CAMH.CA website is launching late April 2018

Who We Are Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Transforming Lives

Client and staff smiling

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is one of the leading addiction and mental health organizations in North America, and Canada’s largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital.

• Provides outstanding clinical care for people with mental illness and addiction problems
• Conducts groundbreaking research, leading to new understanding and better addiction and mental health treatments
• Provides expert training to today’s and tomorrow’s health care professionals and scientists
• Develops innovative health promotion and prevention strategies
• Influences public policy at all levels of government.

Exceptional quality and forward thinking has won CAMH national and international recognition. We are proud to have earned Canada’s highest-level hospital accreditation and been chosen as a Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization Collaborating Centre.

“They don’t do heart surgery at CAMH, but they save people’s lives in other ways.”
Barry Arymowicz
CAMH client

Client-centred care

Each year, CAMH treats over 30,000 people and responds to over 500,000 outpatient visits.

Whether it is a young person experiencing a first episode of psychosis, a senior with early Alzheimer's disease, an adult with a drug addiction and depression, a child with a behavioural issue or a person with schizophrenia, CAMH provides the specialized treatment needed. We’re transforming lives.

At CAMH, our client-centred care focuses on individual client needs and strengths, and fully involves clients and their families. We respect the diversity of the clients and communities we serve, and provide inclusive, collaborative, culturally-appropriate care and services.

Our view of health is holistic. CAMH offers a multi-disciplinary team approach to treatment, with programs that address issues that affect health, such as housing, employment, income, social supports and physical wellbeing. We work with our community partners to nurture clients through a continuum of clinical programs, and support and rehabilitation services.

“As hard as it was, I never would have been the person I am today without having gone through recovery at CAMH. Today I work as an addiction counsellor. I know addiction can be overcome, and that change is possible.”
Laura Snazel
CAMH volunteer

Dedicated staff team

CAMH brings together the talent and resources needed to be a leader in the mental health and addiction field.

CAMH has attracted a superb team of 3,000 physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, researchers, educators, volunteers and students who every day demonstrate their compassion and dedication to our clients, as well as their commitment to excellence.

We have recruited world-renowned and award-winning specialists to many of our clinical programs and research initiatives. They include numerous endowed university chairs and professors, Canada Research Chairs, psychiatric fellows and recipients of the Order of Canada.

Our talented staff develop new models of care that impact mental health and addiction treatment far beyond CAMH itself. We provide professional education, build clinical capacity and support health promotion provincially, nationally and internationally.

Pioneering treatment program

CAMH is home to four clinical programs offering leading-edge inpatient, outpatient and community-based treatment: the Access and Transitions Program, Complex Mental Illness Program, Underserved Populations Program, and Ambulatory Care & Structured Treatments Program. 

CAMH is also a leader in providing integrated treatment for people with concurrent disorders (both substance use and mental health problems), as well as people with both developmental delay and mental health problems.

We provide a range of high-quality clinical services, including assessment, brief intervention, inpatient care, day treatment, outpatient services, continuing care and family support. In this way, we effectively meet the diverse needs of people who are at different stages of their lives and illnesses, or who are at risk of becoming ill.

A full guide to CAMH services is available.

Groundbreaking research

CAMH is the largest mental health and addiction research facility in Canada, employing over 100 full-time scientists and 400 research staff. We currently secure over $40 million in grants and undertake hundreds of research studies each year.

CAMH’s research keeps us on the leading edge of treatment, allowing us to turn what we learn at the bench side into practice at the bedside. Our neuroscientists, clinical scientists and researchers are recognized globally for breakthroughs in understanding the brain’s structure and chemistry and the role of genes, as well as for pioneering new mental health and addiction treatments.

These discoveries, along with our social policy research in substance use and mental health issues, are leading to innovative and effective health prevention strategies, social programs and public policies. Our advances are helping people in Canada and beyond enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Education, health promotion, public policy

As a teaching hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, CAMH is proud of the quality of our clinical and scientific training. Each year over 1,000 doctors, medical students, nurses and allied health professionals train at CAMH, and thousands more take part in our continuing education courses.

CAMH also develops publications, resources and digital tools for health professionals, clients and the public, and offers more online courses and downloadable, multilingual information. We provide the most extensive and up-to-date information on topics ranging from prevention to treatment and recovery from mental illness and addictions, and promote best practices across the province.

Through our network of eight regional sites across Ontario, CAMH's Provincial System Support Program collaborates with communities on initiatives and strategies to improve the mental health system.

CAMH also works with community partners to advance public policy and programs (at all levels of government) that reflect the latest research and respond to the needs of people with addiction and mental health problems.

Through the CAMH Office of Transformative Global Health and our work as a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Collaborating Centre, we play an important role in advancing the understanding and treatment of mental illness and addiction globally, while bringing home important learnings to inform the cultural competence of our own care and treatment.

Transforming lives here

CAMH is committed to improve and transform care and to enhance the quality of life of people with mental health and addiction issues.

To make this commitment a reality, CAMH has embarked on a bold, multi-phase redevelopment of our Queen Street site in Toronto. Our award-winning Transforming Lives Here redevelopment project is turning a once-stigmatized institution into an urban village—a psychiatric hospital unlike any other in the world, integrating a new model of client care into the fabric of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhood. The project is introducing new parks, residences, cafes and—most importantly—people into a site that had been cut off from the rest of the city for far too long. We are erasing barriers, reducing stigma and improving care while enhancing our neighbourhood and building our city.

With a new model of care—based on best-practice medicine and the participation of clients and their families—in a new environment that decreases stigma, CAMH will continue to expand its role as a centre of health care excellence, transforming the lives of the people and the communities we serve.

“The brain is an organ. It can malfunction—like the heart or any other organ—and this can result in mental illness. That is no one’s fault. I look forward to the day when society sees people with mental illness no differently from those with any other medical condition.”

Stephen Crawford
CAMH client

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