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CAMH Board & Councils Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Committees of the CAMH Board

CAMH's by-laws provide for the following Committees: Audit, Finance and Resources Committee, Governance Committee and Clinical Quality Committee. The by-laws also make provision for the establishment of other Committees as needed. Currently the Board has the following additional Committees: Research Committee and Property Committee.

All of the Committees meet regularly and report to the Board of Trustees. Each Committee consists of a Board-appointed Chair, Vice-Chair, Trustees, and other representation as outlined in the terms of reference for each Committee. In addition to the above Committees, the Board has established a Fiscal Advisory Committee and a Medical Advisory Committee, as required by the Public Hospitals Act (Ontario). To find out more about CAMH's Standing Committees click on one of the following links.

Audit, Finance and Resources Committee
The Audit, Finance and Resources Committee oversees CAMH's financial management and receives the results of the year-end financial audit. The Committee also recommends an Auditor, reviews the financial plan and year-end audit with the Auditor, makes recommendations to the board and reviews financial statements.

On the Finance side, the Committee studies and recommends an annual budget for capital and operating revenues and expenditures. In addition, the Committee studies detailed financial and statistical statements on a regular basis, informs and advises the Board on internal control issues and risks, reviews financial policies and develops and recommends investment policies.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee oversees the governance functioning of the organization. The Committee nominates people for election to the Board and ensures that the composition of the Board is in accordance with the by-law requirements for a Board with a range of expertise and perspectives and broad community representation.

The Governance Committee also oversees the education and orientation of the Trustees and establishes procedures for annual evaluation of the Board and its Committees. The membership on the Governance Committee is entirely CAMH Trustees.

Clinical Quality Committee
The Clinical Quality Committee reviews and evaluates the quality of patient care and the mechanisms and processes to monitor patient care issues at CAMH. The Committee reports and provides advice to the Board on matters related to planning, programming, policies and performance that directly affect users.

The Committee also reviews reports and considers recommendations regarding the quality of client care, patient safety, education and research programs and services, and recommends policies for risk management. Membership on the Committee includes representatives from the Empowerment and Family Councils.

Property Committee
The Property Committee is responsible for providing oversight and monitoring of the Queen Street Redevelopment project and associated site consolidation. In addition, the Committee provides oversight and monitoring of significant capital projects on existing properties.

The Committee also assesses and monitors project business plans, the tendering and awarding of contracts, construction projects and provides progress reports to the Board. The Committee also ensures compliance with building codes, legal requirements, and property quality. The terms of reference for this Committee provide for a membership that includes Trustees and external members as needed.

Research Committee
The Research Committee is responsible for monitoring and evaluating CAMH’s Research Program and making recommendations to the Board as it may consider appropriate from time to time to increase the effectiveness of the Research.

The Committee reviews and evaluates the Strategy of the Research Program.  It assesses and monitors the financial sustainability of the Research Program and.the commercialization of CAMH intellectual property.  The terms of reference for this Committee provide for a membership that includes Trustees and external members as needed.

Fiscal Advisory Committee
Operating under the authority of the Public Hospitals Act (Ontario), the Fiscal Advisory Committee provides advice to the Board with respect to the operation, use and staffing of the hospital.

The Committee is chaired by the Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer and members include: representatives from Finance & Support Services; Clinical Programs; Information Management Group; Policy, Education and Health Promotion; Research; Human Resources & Organizational Development; and representatives from the Board of Trustees, OPSEU, ONA, medical staff, management staff, nursing, professional services and from the mental health and addictions family and consumer/survivor communities.

Medical Advisory Committee
Established as required by the Public Hospitals Act (Ontario), the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) acts in an advisory capacity to the Board and the Chief Executive Officer in matters concerning the medical and dental care of patients, teaching, and research. The MAC may make recommendations to the Board concerning such matters as are prescribed by the Hospital Management Regulation, from time to time; MAC may provide supervision over medical and dental care of patients, Teaching and research in CAMH;

The MAC may conduct regular evaluations of the quality of medical and dental care. Medical and dental care evaluations may include the utilization of beds, and diagnostic and therapeutic resources of CAMH with respect to both the availability of resources for all patients in accordance with their medical need, and the recognition of Medical Staff responsibility for effective utilization.


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