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About the Centre

Our scientists

Our scientists
J Daskalakis
​​​Z. Jeff Daskalakis, MD, PhD, FRCP(C) ​​
D Blumberger
Daniel Blumberger, MD, MSc, FRCP(C) 
​ ​
Shadow outline ​Daphne Voineskos, MD, FRCP(C), PhD (Candidate)
​​ ​
​Research Scientists:
C Hawko
Colin Hawco, MSc, PhD
R Zomorrodi
Reza Zomorrodi, PhD​
​ ​
​​Affiliate Scientists:
A Voineskos
Aristotle N. Voineskos, MD, PhD, FRCP(C) 
T Rajji
Tarek Rajji, MD 
S Ameis
​Stephanie Ameis, MD
M Kiang
Michael Kiang, MD 
P Desarkar
Pushpal Desarkar, DPM, MD 
M Barr
Mera Barr, PhD
​​ ​
​Clinical Fellows:
Y Knyahnytska Yuliya Knyahnytska, MD, MSW, MSc, PhD​
Shadow outline
​Shahak Yariv, MD
​ ​
​Brain Stimulation Psychiatrists:
A Wong
Albert Wong, MD, FRCP(C)
D Goldbloom
David Goldbloom, MD, FRCP(C)
Shadow outline ​Nisha Ravindran, MD, FRCP(C)
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