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About the Centre

Welcome to The Slaight Centre for Youth in Transition

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Welcome to The Slaight Centre for Youth in Transition

The Slaight Family Centre for Youth in Transition is Canada’s first centre dedicated to understanding and treating severe mental illness in youth from the late teens through early adulthood.

Why we're here

In Canada today, over one million young people under the age of 25 suffer from mental illness. But young people with mental illness are one of the most under-served and vulnerable populations in the country.

This developmental stage is a critical one. Without timely, specialized intervention and care, many young people with mental illness can encounter a lifelong path of disability. We know that early intervention is crucial. But we need to improve on existing treatments, since only limited progress has been made over recent decades.

By focusing our efforts and resources on this vulnerable age group, we have the potential to radically transform mental health care for youth and emerging adults.

Our goals

Early intervention. We want to intervene early before the illness progresses. By providing timely access and evidence-based care we can reduce illness severity, improve outcomes, and promote brain development.

Recovery. We know that recovery extends beyond a diagnosis and medication schedule. We are working to improve existing treatments and develop new approaches for unmet needs, such as metabolic health, negative symptoms, cognitive impairment, and social functioning.

Our structure

The Slaight Centre is a world first, fully integrating research and clinical care to advance new approaches for early intervention and recovery.

This integration allows us to translate the latest clinical and scientific evidence into better intervention and recovery strategies, making a real difference to the lives of youth in transition today.

Our transformative research

Our research is about treatment innovation, early detection, and identifying risk and resilience factors. New treatments span metabolic health efforts, brain stimulation, cognitive adaptation and remediation therapy, and virtual reality training. When the findings come in, our goal is to immediately implement them in clinical practice.  

Our research programs bring together clinicians and scientists from complementary specialties, including psychological development, cognitive neuroscience, brain imaging, brain stimulation, clinical trials, functional recovery and quality improvement.


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Contact Us

To Contact the Research Team or Slaight Centre Early Intervention Team, please click on "More Info" for contact numbers and directions.



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