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Bridging Clinic

The Bridging Service provides short term, in-person care for clients referred from one of the CAMH Crisis and Critical Care Inpatient Units or Emergency Department.

About Bridging Clinic

Forensic Secure Unit A (3-2) and B (3-3)

CAMH ‘s two Medium Secure Forensic Units provide treatment, care and rehabilitation for patients under the Ontario Review Board (ORB).

About Forensic Secure Unit A (3-2) and B (3-3)

Emergency Department

CAMH’s Psychiatric Emergency Department provides 24 hours/7 days per week emergency services for adults with mental health and substance issues.

About Emergency Department

Integrated Day Treatment Service

This day-based service is for clients who would benefit from intensive programming for mood and anxiety, trauma and addictions.

About Integrated Day Treatment Service

Geriatric Telemedicine Clinic

CAMH has partnered with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) to provide clients in remote areas of Ontario with accessible care.

About Geriatric Telemedicine Clinic

Integrated Care Pathway for Dementia, Agitation and Aggression

This pathway provides treatment for older adults with dementia who are experiencing agitation and aggression.

About Integrated Care Pathway for Dementia, Agitation and Aggression

Structured Observation and Treatment Unit

This unit provides interim assessment, treatment and stabilization of male patients with major mental illnesses that represent a safety risk.

About Structured Observation and Treatment Unit

Better Behaviours Service

The Better Behaviours Service (BBS) offers assessment and treatment for young people six to 18 years old (and their parents/caregivers) who are demonstrating disruptive behaviour. Children and young people seen in the service are demonstrating oppositional, non-compliant, aggressive, impulsive and/or dysregulated behaviour.

About Better Behaviours Service

Sexual Behaviours Clinic

CAMH’s Sexual Behaviours Clinic provides services for people with sexual behaviours or urges that could result in personal and/or legal difficulties.

About Sexual Behaviours Clinic