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Bridging Clinic

The Bridging Service provides short term, in-person care for clients referred from one of the CAMH Crisis and Critical Care Inpatient Units or Emergency Department.

About Bridging Clinic

Forensic Secure Unit A (3-2) and B (3-3)

CAMH ‘s two Medium Secure Forensic Units provide treatment, care and rehabilitation for patients under the Ontario Review Board (ORB).

About Forensic Secure Unit A (3-2) and B (3-3)

Emergency Department

CAMH’s Psychiatric Emergency Department provides 24 hours/7 days per week emergency services for adults with mental health and substance issues.

About Emergency Department

Therapeutic Brain Intervention Service

The Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention offers consultation on clients with refractory and difficult-to-treat psychiatric disorders.

About Therapeutic Brain Intervention Service

General Rehabilitation Unit LGUC

The Forensic General Rehabilitation Unit (C) provides rehabilitation and risk management to 22 male patients on an inpatient basis.

About General Rehabilitation Unit LGUC

Crisis and Critical Care Unit 6 Transition Age Youth (TAY - CCC6)

Transitional Age Youth (TAY is dedicated to the care, treatment, and support of individuals between 18 -29 with severe mental illness, including substance use disorders.

About Crisis and Critical Care Unit 6 Transition Age Youth (TAY - CCC6)

Psychosis Coordinated Care Service

This program is designed to offer a highly structured treatment program for patients experiencing acute psychotic and severe mental health issues.

About Psychosis Coordinated Care Service

Downtown Clinics

This service provides coordinated and comprehensive treatment for people who have chronic schizophrenia or related disorders and live in the community.

About Downtown Clinics

Clinical High Risk (CHR) Service

The CHR Service is dedicated to the early identification and treatment of people aged 14 to 29 who are at risk of developing psychosis.

About Clinical High Risk (CHR) Service

Schizophrenia Services

These inpatient and outpatient services offer treatment to people experiencing acute phase schizophrenia or a related disorder or people who need help managing their illness.

About Schizophrenia Services