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Nicotine Dependence Clinic

The Nicotine Dependence Clinic offers several specialized outpatient treatments for anyone who wants to quit or reduce their tobacco use.

About Nicotine Dependence Clinic

Family Service

The Family Service provides treatment and support services to anyone who is concerned about the substance use of someone else.

About Family Service

Metro Addiction Assessment Referral Service (MAARS)

The Metro Addiction Assessment Referral Service offers substance use assessment and referral services free of charge to anyone who lives in Toronto.

About Metro Addiction Assessment Referral Service (MAARS)

Scarborough Addiction Services Partnership (SASP)

A network of agencies that joins together to address addiction-related service needs in Scarborough.

About Scarborough Addiction Services Partnership (SASP)

Back on Track

Completion of the Back on Track program is required by the Highway Traffic Act for convicted impaired drivers and administrative suspension drivers.

About Back on Track