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How We Help

The CAMH IPTTO is dedicated to translating CAMH discoveries into marketable products to benefit the lives of patients. We protect IP rights in your invention and liaise with industry to further develop your invention and translate it into a product for the benefit of patients.  

Feel free to contact our office for any other questions/concerns regarding the services we provide. 


 Initial Support


We will: 

- Discuss your invention with you to gain better understanding of the options moving forward. 

- Assist in filling out an Invention Disclosure Form.

- Perform due diligence on your invention, where we assess:

  • the commercialization potential 

  • analyze the patentability/novelty of the invention

  • discuss the requirement for additional research.



 Continued Support


​The IPTTO can:
- Manage the patent filing and prosecution, if we chose to pursue IP protection (CAMH covers all patent costs)
- Seek other funding oppurtunities for further development (e.g. CIHR PoP, NSERC PoP, MaRS Innovation PoP, OCE, Mitacs)
- Help pursue commercialization oppurtunities in the form of Licensing Agreements or Spin-off Company Creation.

- Help in finding and arranging other Strategic Research Partnerships.


 When to contact us?


In general, before public disclosure of the invention please contact the IPTTO.

Public disclosure is any presentation of an invention to individuals outside of CAMH by either print, public presentation or electronic means, in the absence of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is considered public disclosure. 

The best time to contact us is when you are in the basic research stage:

  • Manuscript in preparation

  • Before abstract submission

  • Before presentation at a seminar

  • Before a committe meeting


 Our Team


Dr. Klara Vichnevetski
PhD, Director, Industry Partnerships & Technology Transfer 

Mr. Konrad Powell-Jones
BSc, Commercialization Consultant​ 

Dr. Stephen J. Kish
PhD, Commercialization Advisor

Mr. Sheldon Jean-Baptiste
Law Clerk, senior paralegal

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