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Drug Discovery

Listed below are brief descriptions of the CAMH drug development platform that is available for licensing. Follow the links to read a non-confidential summary of each technology. 
Feel free to contact our office should you require more information or wish inquire about the first steps in securing a licensing deal.


Innovative Drug Development Platform for Brain Disorders

Brief Description:
CAMH investigators in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team have developed an early-stage drug discovery platform. To accelerate the translation of basic science findings into clinically useful drugs, they have proposed an accelerated drug development model that will allow for Fast-Try/Fast-Fail of lead targets and compounds. Necessary steps can be summarized as such: (1) target identification, (2) lead compound identification, (3) pre-clinical validation, (4) target engagement assay development in humans, (5) intellectual property portfolio development, (6) toxicology studies (animals and humans), and finally (7) proof of concept clinical trial in a stratified population (based on genetics and target engagement) (i.e., Phase 2a). The most advanced target and compound leads to date focus on augmenting signaling at Alpha5-containing GABAA receptors. This accelerated drug development model provides a more efficient process and pipeline to translate basic sciences into drug development. See the detailed summary.


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