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Protocol Forms & Guidelines


 New Protocols

  1. Human Subjects Research Application Form - TAHSN - (Revised: March 2006) - MS Word  - (each new submission needs this form)
  2. CAMH_REB_General Checklist_revised March_2015   (Note: checklist should accompany all new submissions)
  3. CAMH_REB_Quick reference guide for new submission _V.December_2014


     Existing Protocols

    1. CAMH_REB_Annual Renewal Form_Revised March_2015 (double-sided and stapled) - both hard copies and electronic
    2. CAMH_REB_Final Report_ December 2014  (hard copies only - double-sided)
    3. CAMH_REB_Serious Adverse Event (SAE)_revised October 2013
    4. CAMH_REB_Protocol Deviation Reporting form_August_2012


    5. CAMH_REB_Guidance Materials-Revised December 2013

      1. Human Subjects - Research Ethics protocol form required checklist - REV. - April 2014
      2. General Submission Guide_REV._December_2013
      3. Checklist_Research Ethics_Revision December 2014 
      4. Checklist for Protocols involving genetic samples- REV._Dec_2013
      5. Checklist for clinical drug trials both Sponsor and Investigator-initiated_REV._Dec_2013
      6. Consent form requirements/checklist for clinical trials_REV._Dec_2013
      7. Standard operating procedures for obtaining consent for a research study at CAMH - REV._Feb_2014 
      8. Standard operating procedures for studies involving genetic sampling: Research Ethics Board requirements - REV. December_2013
      9. Guidance re consent forms - REV. April 2014 
      10. Advertising templates - REV. April 2014
    6. CAMH_REB__new wording for PET consent forms - revised August 2014.

    7. Handbook for Good Clinical Research Practice (GCP) - WHO 2002 


      NEW:  Please click on this link for MRI review document. 


      NEW:  Additional consent form information.  Please include in all consent forms the following information:

      "As part of the Research Services Quality Assurance Program, this study may be monitored and/or audited by a member of the Quality Assurance Team.  Your research records and CAMH records may be reviewed during which confidentiality will be maintained as per CAMH policies and extent permitted by law". 

      Please verify if your consent forms reflect recent changes in the phone extension of the REB Chair, Dr. Padraig Darby.  The new extension is 36876.



      CAMH new logo for consents and advertisements. Kindly click on this link for a copy of this logo.


      NEW: Copies for submission

       Please note for Annual Renewals and Checklists, twelve (12) copies are required (one original plus 11 copies).  

      Electronic documents should be sent as individual files.  Please do not merge into one document.






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