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Research and Action for Teens (RAFT) Study

The Longitudinal Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (L-OSDUHS)

The Longitudinal Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (L-OSDUHS) is an extension of the
OSDUHS, the longest running student population survey in Canada.  The L-OSDUHS is part of the Research and Action for Teens (RAFT) study.

The L-OSDUHS studies health and well-being among youth in grades 7 and 8 from schools and other community agencies in Ontario. The L-OSDUHS survey questionnaire for grade 7 and 8 students can be viewed here:  L-OSDUHS 2013 questionnaire 

What is the study about?

The L-OSDUHS study addresses these questions:

  • How do health and well-being among early adolescents change over time?
  • What factors are linked to health and well-being over time?
  • Are Ontario youth receiving the services they need?

How does the study work?

Grade 7 and 8 students in randomly selected classrooms and other community agencies are invited to participate. Students who agree to participate who have signed parental consent forms may participate. Participation in the study is voluntary.

Youth responses are anonymous. Students record their responses directly onto the questionnaire, and are instructed not to write their names on their questionnaires. The survey takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

Youth and families who participate will have the option to participate in future surveys.

How will the information be used?

  • The information from the L-OSDUHS study will be used to inform prevention and treatment of mental health and substance use concerns among Ontario youth.
  • The L-OSDUHS study will provide important information on adolescent development and on risk and protective factors in the development of mental health and substance issues.
  • It will also track use of services and identify barriers to receiving treatment and unmet needs for services.
  • A further goal of this research is to build capacity and improve the coordination of services for youth and their families in need of support.
The L-OSDUHS is part of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research – sponsored Research and Action for Teens (RAFT) study. The study is led by researchers in the Child, Youth and Family Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

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