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Research Areas & Activities


 CAMH Research at a Glance


The Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute​
 is part of CAMH's growing research program. It focuses on interdisciplinary research to deliver early detection methods, effective new treatments and better systems of care, with an emphasis on clinical translational neuroscience.


​Research Imaging reveals brain chemistry, structure and functioning, and includes the development of novel brain PET probes and MRI techniques.

Genetics & Epigenetics research identifies the location and function of genes, and the influence of environmental factors that affect how genes are expressed. 
Molecular Medicine investigates neuron cell functioning, such as cell signalling and receptor interactions, in relation to mental illness and addictions. 

Clinical Translational Labs are the interface between lab-based discoveries and their application into optimal clinical care.  


​Community & Population Health includes health service delivery, health equity, policy, community-based interventions, and population health and surveys.

Social Research Units focus on workplace mental health, international health and our WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre, healthy adolescence, clinical health services and tobacco control.

Clinical Research has programs in addiction, child, youth & family, dual diagnosis, geriatrics, law & mental health, mood & anxiety, and schizophrenia.


 Studies at CAMH

Are you interested in participating in a study? Curious about current trials underway? View a list of studies that are recruiting participants. If you don’t find a study to join right now, consider signing up for the CAMH Research Registry. When a new study begins, you may be contacted to participate, if you are eligible.
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