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CAMH has released a new evidence-informed report on the issue of cannabis control in Canada. CAMH’s Cannabis Policy Framework recommends a legalization with strict regulation approach to cannabis control.
One of the most effective routes to treating depression and anxiety is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CAMH researchers are taking it one step further by launching a study to see how clients handle CBT over the internet.
Five young scientists, five videos showcasing their research, one five-thousand dollar prize. Who deserves to win? You be the judge: vote today. The top two will square off at a live event in Toronto on November 6, 2014.
Want to participate in a research study at CAMH? It’s safe, confidential, and easy with our online registry and study search tools. Research participants can help us improve care and help to drive mental health and addictions research in Canada.
Take a look at our e-newsletter featuring some of the diverse research happening at CAMH and the Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute.



Nov. 18 Innovations in Brain Science: The Evolution of Therapeutics. 2nd Annual Campbell Family Mental Health Research Symposium.


 New Reports & Books


OSDUHS2013_Cover_MHReportDetailed_Sharepoint.jpgThe Mental Health and Well-Being Mental Report with findings from the 2013 OSDUHS is now available for download. Topics new to the 2013 report include tanning bed use, bicycle helmet use, and texting while driving.

research-strategic-plan.jpgThe CAMH Research Strategic Plan 2013-2017  provides a roadmap for our research program. Our vision: Transforming Lives Through Research. ​ 




This video shows the brain "connectome," the connecting highways of the brain, starting from above, travelling through the front, moving to the back, then turning around and travelling to the front.

CAMH Research now has a YouTube channel!
Check it out here.


 In the Media


Pot should be legalized, regulated and sold like alcohol
The Globe and Mail reports on CAMH's new cannabis policy framework (October 2014)

CAMH Challenge: Get judgemental for mental health
Five young scientists face off for a $10k prize. The Toronto Star gives a run down of each competitor and why they deserve to win (October 2014)


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