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Staying at CAMH Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Staying at CAMH

Many people come to CAMH for help, treatment and care - you are not alone

CAMH is committed to providing client/patient-centred care. We want you to be fully informed about your care and we encourage you to take part in decisions about your treatment.

We strive to make the client/patient experience at CAMH as pleasant and comfortable as possible. 

​Tips for inpatients


CAMH has both semi-private and private patient rooms. Rooms are assigned according to the individual needs of clients/patients and the availability of beds. If your treatment plan requires admission to a semi-private or private room, OHIP covers the cost.

If you want a semi-private or private room and it is not essential to your treatment, you may be provided with one if available. The fees for a room upgrade are usually not covered by provincial health care plans, so you or your private health insurance company will need to pay for the room.

To have your insurance plan pay for any costs, when you are admitted you must show us your:

  • valid provincial health card
  • insurer's name
  • name of guarantor (person holding insurance)
  • guarantor's employer details
  • policy number of insurance plan
  • insurance policy identification number for the client/patient, if applicable.

Cost of treatment

If you are an Ontario resident and the services you receive are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), you will not have to pay. This includes all hospital care and physician services. Please bring your health insurance card and any private insurance information with you before you start treatment. If you are a Canadian resident covered by another provincial health care plan, you need approval from your home province health care plan before receiving treatment at CAMH.

When you are admitted, please provide your provincial health card and your address in the province where you are a resident.

  • If you are a refugee, please provide proof of refugee status.
  • If you are a recent immigrant and do not yet have a health card, please provide proof of your immigration status.
  • If you are a non-resident of Canada, please contact CAMH’s Admitting Department to discuss your situation and payment options at 416 535-8501 ext. 36929 for mental health or ext. 37062 for addictions.

What to bring

You may wish to prepare some belongings before coming to stay at CAMH. Here are some suggestions:
  • a three- or four-day wardrobe of casual, comfortable clothing for most services (all of our sites have laundry facilities)
  • sleep wear (for example, robe, pyjamas or gown, slippers)
  • personal toiletries (for example, brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, feminine hygiene products)
  • radio, curling iron and hair dryer, if they are CSA approved. (these items may be securely stored for you outside of your room)​
  • a small amount of cash (including change) for outings, pay phones, vending machines, stamps, newspapers, snacks, etc.
  • reading material, writing paper, small hobby supplies (except sharp objects like scissors or sewing needles)
  • all the medications you are taking - prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements. Medications should be labelled and in their original containers. Your CAMH physician will review your medications and incorporate this information into your treatment plan. Your CAMH physician may also prescribe other medication. CAMH Pharmacy Services will provide you with your medications while you are an inpatient.

What not to bring

  • camera, recording device, cell phone, laptop computer or any electric appliance
  • valuables, such as jewellery or credit cards
  • sharp objects, such as razor, scissors, nail clippers

While you are here

Dental care

Many of our clients/patients are at high risk for dental disease. The CAMH Dental Clinic helps you care for your teeth. Many of the dental services provided at the clinic are free of charge for CAMH inpatients. For more information, please contact the CAMH Dental Clinic at 416 535-8501 ext. 32133.

We want to make sure that your discharge plan is in place when you are ready to leave CAMH. To achieve this goal, your treatment team will discuss a potential plan with you well before your discharge. Your discharge plan may include referrals for follow-up treatment in the community, and information about housing, work and income support.

Fire safety
If there is a fire while you are at CAMH, please follow these steps to ensure your own and other people's safety:

  • Remove everyone from immediate danger
  • Tell a staff member
  • Close doors to contain the fire
  • Evacuate the area
  • Do not use the elevators

High-school education

The Toronto District School Board provides high-school education courses at CAMH. 

Inpatients and outpatients aged 21 and under who need to complete high-school credit courses may attend these classes. For more information, please call 416 535-8501 ext. 34082 or ext. 34014.

Inpatients can wash their own clothes in laundry facilities available on the units. CAMH is responsible for washing inpatient sheets and towels.

Meals and snacks
CAMH Food Services provides inpatients with all of their meals and snacks. All inpatient units have access to a dining area. 

Meals are offered cafeteria style, and through a special-diet/tray service. We can accommodate dietary restrictions and special requirements, including kosher and halal meals.

The Out of this World Cafe operates two full services cafes at the Queen Street site and one at the College Street site. All three cafes are open during the day Monday to Friday.

Money and valuables 
If you are admitted to CAMH, a member of your treatment team will explain to you the policy regarding safekeeping of your money and belongings on the unit. We recommend that you leave valuables at home, and only bring what money you will need during your time at the hospital.

No smoking: CAMH is tobacco free
CAMH is a tobacco-free facility. This is part of our commitment to providing a safe, healthy and healing environment for our clients/patients, staff and visitors. This means that the purchase, sales and use of cigarettes, tobacco and/or tobacco-related products is not allowed anywhere on CAMH property.

This policy applies to our three main sites (Queen Street, College Street and Russell Street) as well as satellite offices and clinics.

If you smoke and are concerned about the impact this policy may have on your experience at CAMH, please speak with a member of your treatment team about options such as nicotine replacement therapy.​

Parking is available at our Queen Street, College Street and Russell Street sites for an hourly or daily fee.

While you are an inpatient at CAMH, you may receive passes to leave for a number of hours, overnight, for several days or for a weekend. These passes are issued by your physician and will depend on your treatment needs.

Recreation and leisure facilities
Some CAMH sites have a gym. The gyms are scheduled for use by clients/patients and staff. If you want to use the gym, please speak with a member of your treatment team. 

Safety and security
Your safety while at CAMH is important to us. If you feel uncomfortable or experience an injury of any kind, please inform a member of your treatment team.

For your protection, Security Services are located at each CAMH site. Our security staff will help if there is an emergency. You may also contact Security Services if you lose, or find, personal belongings.

To reach Security Services, please call: 416 535-8501 ext. 34846 (at the College Street site), ext. 36360 (at the Russell Street site) and ext. 32122 (at the Queen Street site).

Spiritual and religious services
CAMH's Spiritual Care Services offers visits, support and worship services in many faith traditions for individuals and groups at all CAMH sites. To speak with a spiritual care provider, please call 416 535-8501 ext. 32189,  or e-mail:

Telephones, messages and mail
Some inpatient rooms have telephones and all units have courtesy phones for outgoing local calls - please ask a staff memberto show you where the nearest phone is located. Each inpatient unit handles incoming phone calls and mail differently, so please check with a member of your treatment team.


​Televisions are located in the common areas and lounges on inpatient units. Private TV rental is not available at CAMH.

We encourage family and friends to visit you as often as you want. CAMH has a family presence policy that encourages family and friends to visit when it is convenient for you and them, even if that is outside traditional visiting hours. Children are welcome on inpatient units, but all children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. In certain circumstances, staff may restrict visiting privileges or request that visits be kept short and limited to one or two visitors at a time.

Procedures vary throughout CAMH. Please speak to a member of your treatment team for information regarding visits on your unit.​​​

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