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Client/Patient Rights Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Bill of Client Rights: Right to Quality Services that Comply with Standards

Every client:

1) has the right to have services provided in a manner that complies with legal, professional, ethical, and other relevant standards.

2) has the right to identify their own needs, to have those needs form the basis of the development of a plan for services, and to have services provided in accordance with that plan.

3) has the right to fair and equitable access to a range of services.

4) has the right to a choice of services, and will not be denied other options if the client does not choose one treatment or service.

5) has the right to have their record identify sources of data, record only relevant and useful facts, and avoid unfounded conclusions, prejudice, value judgements and labelling.

6) has the right to access care without undue difficulty to meet basic needs.
Every client has the right to reasonable accommodations required to access services.

7) has a right to choose the least restrictive care.

8) has the right to have services provided in a manner that minimizes potential harm, and optimizes quality of life.

9) has the right to co-operation and collaboration among providers to ensure quality and continuity of client centred care (including integration with other healing practices), in support of wellness and recovery.

10) has the right to be informed of the name and staff title of those providing services to her/him, to express a preference and to have that preference considered.

11) has the right to sufficient, nutritious and palatable food, in accordance with medical and religious requirements, and with consideration of personal and cultural choices.

12) has the right to daily access to the outdoors.

13) has the right to regular, consistent access to educational and recreational activities.

14) has the right to a quiet, safe and secure sleeping environment.

15) has the right to: participate in creating an individualized, written plan of care and service; consent to it; and receive a copy of it.

16) has the right to seek an additional medical opinion.

17) has the right to assistance with meeting their basic needs, accessing education and vocational training, income, getting identification, housing, employment, social supports and health care.

18) has the right to be involved in their discharge planning, and to have access to information about various support options available in the community, including self-help organizations.

19) has the right to access toilet facilities with all possible privacy.

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