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Client/Patient Rights Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Bill of Client Rights: Right to be Fully Informed

Every client:

1) has the right to be informed of her/his rights in this Bill of Client Rights

2) and substitute decision maker or appointed representative has the right to information, including written information on request, of:

a. The perceived problem, diagnosis or condition.

b. The treatment that is proposed.

c. An explanation of the alternative options/treatments including no treatment.

d. An assessment of the benefits, risks (short term and long term), side effects, and costs of these options.

e. Additional medication related information such as drug interactions, dosages, and withdrawal effects.

f. The results of tests and procedures.

3) has the right to honest and accurate answers to questions relating to services, including questions about:

a. The name and qualifications of the provider.

b. The recommendations for treatments or services.

c. How to obtain an opinion from another provider.

d. Where to access additional information if wanted.

e. Notification of developments in the area of treatment affecting the client.

4) has the right to view her/his clinical record without undue difficulty.

5) has the right to have her/his clinical record corrected or to add a statement of disagreement to it in accordance with the law.

6) has the right to information requested about services and procedures relevant to being a CAMH client, such as rules, policies and rights that apply to her/him at the CAMH, and have access to them in writing.

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