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Client/Patient Rights Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Bill of Client Rights: Right to Dignity and Independence

Every client:

1) has the right to be informed promptly that she/he is no longer an involuntary patient when the client successfully appeals a form of involuntary admission. She/he must be informed that she/he may leave the hospital and allowed to leave.

2) has the right to have services provided in a manner that respects the dignity, independence and self-determination of the individual.

3) has the right to private communication with others in accordance with the law.

4) has the right to confidentiality about personal information and records in accordance with the law.

5) has the right to contact with clergy or other spiritual advisors of her/his choice, and to exercise religious and spiritual observances, rituals, customs, and dress.

6) has the right to retain and use personal possessions, with access to secure storage, in keeping with safety requirements and other clients' rights.

7) has the right to wear their own clothing.

8) has the right to manage her/his own financial resources unless found to be financially incapable. This right includes access to her/his money and to accurate information about her/his hospital account.

9) has the right to be recognized as having needs for privacy and intimacy, including sexual expression between consenting adults. This includes access to privacy, information and education regarding safer sex, and forms of contraception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

10) has the right, if eligible, to vote in any election, and to receive the necessary information to be enumerated and to vote, as well as assistance in getting to the polling station, if on hospital premises.

11) has the right to all freedoms in accordance with the law.

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