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For our Neighbours Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

For our Neighbours

Welcome to the CAMH neighbourhood page. Our psychiatric hospital has been a part of this dynamic and changing neighbourhood for over 165 years, and we have a lot to share with our community. 

This page provides information about happenings at CAMH that are most relevant to those in our geographic area, a more local take on what’s happening that will be of interest to our neighbouring community. From area residents to small businesses, schools and the community based committees and coalitions – we hope this page will make it easier for you to stay in touch with CAMH.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


 Cultural and community events


His Royal Highness Prince Harry visits CAMH

His Royal Highness Prince Harry visited CAMH on Saturday, September 23. During the visit, the Prince learned about CAMH's history, our patient care and supports and our scientific breakthroughs. Prince Harry is a well-known advocate for mental health, working with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the UK charity 'Heads Together' to eliminate stigma surrounding mental illness. He has spoken frankly and courageously about his own struggles. We are grateful he has chosen to honour CAMH with a visit, alongside his schedule for the Invictus Games. With one in five Canadians living with mental illness, we welcome the attention the Prince's visit brings to this most important cause.

Prince Harry visits CAMH

Update on property at College and Russell Street Sites

Good news for CAMH: The University of Toronto​ has purchased the four-acre parcel of land at College and Spadina on which CAMH's College and Russell Street buildings reside. U of T was able to arrange to purchase the property from a fund managed by Brookfield Asset Management for $123-million. The purchase will allow the university to shape the future use of a prominent gateway to its campus. For CAMH, the arrangement also means the hospital can continue to use the space for as long as needed. 

Sunshine Garden fresh market cart every Wednesday from 11:30-1:30 Aug-Oct

The Garden is a partnership between CAMH and Foodshare Toronto, which runs a client community garden here at CAMH. A wonderful harvest of organic products are available. Markets happen at the southwest corner of 1001 Queen St. W and Gordon Bell St. We're sharing everything from kale and garlic scapes to carrots and heirloom tomatoes and our hand-crafted chutney, salsa and herbal vinegars as well as decorative herb planters. 

Art Strategy for CAMH Redevelopment                                                                                Art is an important part of CAMH’s ongoing Queen Street Redevelopment Project. In the latest buildings a centerpiece artwork sets the tone for many of the visual aspects throughout, helping to create an interconnected and welcoming environment for patients and staff.  With the next phase of redevelopment (Phase 1C) in 2017, the CAMH Art Selection Panel (CASP) put a call out to local artists for letters of interest. There will be 10 architecturally-integrated, public-facing pieces selected, along with 25 stand-alone pieces for corridors and waiting areas.

CAMH Redevelopment Next Phase begins fall 2017

After years of planning and consultation the construction of this third phase will begin late October 2017. On September 28,  a community meeting about Phase 1C took place at the Queen Street site. CAMH Redevelopment and the Plenary team provided an overview of the project and what we can expect during construction. Infastructure Ontario (IO) and CAMH selected Plenary Health after extensive evaluations following an open, fair and competitive request for proposals process that began in February 2016. Plenary has been selected as the preferred proponent to design, build, finance and maintain the next phase of CAMH's redevelopment at the Queen Street Site. From the redevelopment Master Plan of 2002 onwards the goal has been to ensure the integration of CAMH's clinical care, education, research and other functions with shared public elements such as courtyards, a library, auditorium and green spaces. This is an important step in the multi-phase project that aims to transform care and change the future of mental health, while revitalizing CAMH's connection to the community. 

Toronto Flower Market

CAMH is happy to have the Toronto Flower Market on our site. As part of its ongoing commitment to changing attitudes surrounding mental illness, the Community Use of Space initiative looks for creative ways to share hospital grounds with artists and community groups throughout the year. The upcoming dates for the Toronto Flower Market are July 15th, August 19th, September 9th, and October 7th, 2017.  

Workman Arts: Artists with Extraordinary Minds
Workman Arts is an arts and mental health company known internationally for its artistic collaborations, presentations, knowledge exchange, best practices and research in the area of the impact of the arts on the quality of life of people living with mental illness and addiction. Click on the link for latest events

Suits Me Fine Fashion Show                                                                                              CAMH hosted our annual Suits Me Fine Client Fashion Show in April, hosted for the third time by the fabulous Jeanne Beker.

[>] Watch the video of the fashion show here

Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest
BtCN is CAMH’s longest-standing educational outreach program to high school students and it aims to increase awareness among youth of the causes, treatments, signs, symptoms, and interventions for mental health and addictions issues. 70% of adult mental illnesses have their onset in childhood and adolescence. Know a high school student who could benefit from a session?

Running Free Group                                                                                                                Every Wednesday at 5:45 p.m., the Running Free run group leaves from the Bell Gateway  building lobby to put intention into action. The group is open to everyone: CAMH clients, employees and members of the community. People of all running levels are welcome.                                                                               


 Tours of CAMH


The Queen Street site has a rich history and dynamic story of current development. Tours can be arranged for area residents, school groups, community agencies and partners. The 90m minute tours cover some of the 150 year history, new developments, current programs and some of the fascinating stories of this site. If interested contact Bharati Singh at



 Local Announcements/News


 First Impressions Matter


Your first point of contact at CAMH - Meet our First Impressions staff

A smiling face, an outstretched hand, a warm greeting - these are just a few of the things you’ll expect from the Community Ambassadors and Information Officers of CAMH’s First Impressions team as they provide a positive, welcoming, safe, informative experience for members of the CAMH community on our grounds or at our information desks located in the lobbies of the Bell Gateway Building (100 Stokes Street) at our Queen and Ossington site and 250 College Street.

Community Ambassadors are easily identifiable in their purple attire. They play an  important role as they are often a first point of contact for visitors on our campus. They provide wayfinding assistance and information about CAMH. They play a key role in supporting CAMH’s tobacco-free policy. Whenever you are on the CAMH grounds please feel free to give them a wave or approach them for any questions you may have. They are always happy to help!

As you enter the lobbies of the Bell Gateway Building at the Queen Street site or 250 College Street, you will be greeted by one of our friendly and knowledgeable Information Officers. They are a source of general information about CAMH, accessing CAMH’s mental health and addiction services as well as programs and services across the province. Information Officers also lead tours of CAMH’s Queen Street site for the general public, school groups and community agencies.

Read how the First Impressions team is fostering relationships between CAMH and its neighbours.

If you are looking for information, please feel free to contact an Information Officer by:

  • visiting the information desk anytime in either lobby between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday;
  • calling (416) 595-6111;  or
  • emailing

We look forward to hearing from you!



 Social Enterprise at CAMH


​CAMH has many partnerships with across the health, social service, housing  and community sectors.  However, we also have some wonderful partnerships right on site with social enterprise businesses.

Please stop by for lunch or a coffee at consumer run Out of This World Café at our Queen and College and Russell Street sites. You may see Foodshare’s beautiful garden at the back of the Queen Street site, or visit their organic market garden cart for some garden fresh produce. In past years participants harvested over 530 pounds of produce, canned 50 pounds of green tomatoes which they made into green tomato chutney in FoodShare’s kitchen and canned over 40 pounds of tomatillos to make salsa. 

The following social enterprises are CAMH partnerships with Working for Change:

OTW.jpgOut of This World Cafe
Alternative Businesses feature high quality products and service, emphasize community building and provide employment opportunities for the psychiatric consumer/ survivor community.

PGTE.jpgParkdale Green Thumb Enterprises
Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises is a social purpose horticulture business that installs and maintains outdoor and indoor plants.

FoodShare is a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education.

Other Partnerships

Queen Street Child Care Centre, also known as ‘the daycare’ is located in CAMH’s community centre, one of the older buildings on the Queen and Ossington site.  It’s operated by George Brown College and used as a lab school for George Brown students in the Early Childhood program, who do rotations there. The children range in age from nine months to four years, with 49 kids in total.  It’s quite unusual for a daycare to be located at a mental health and addictions facility, but the centre has been onsite since 1989. Click here for more info.  



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 Inside the New CAMH


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