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Info for Parents Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Take Action! Alcohol, other drug problems & your family

Every family can take action to prevent and deal with alcohol and other drug problems.

What Does A Typical "Family" Look Like?

There is no one picture. Families are different. They come in every shape and size and they are changing all the time. Whatever “family” means to you, your family is important to your health and happiness.

While every family has its problems, most families can be a source of great happiness, love, and support when difficulties arise.

This website was designed to help you and your family take action to prevent and deal with problems related to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

In Take Action! Alcohol, Other Drug Problems & Your Family:

Take Action!
Preventing Alcohol and Other Drug Problems in Your Family

  • Talk About It
  • Support Each Other
  • Set the Rules
  • Be a Good Role Model
  • Express Yourself
  • Make Time for One Another

Take Action!
Dealing With Alcohol and Other Drug Problems in Your Family

  • Raise the Issue
  • Solve Problems Together
  • Learn How to Cope
  • Handle Conflict Wisely
  • Know How to Get Help

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