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An Early Start: Help Your children understand the safe use of medicine

Children can understand that people put good and bad things into their bodies. They know that milk and fruit will keep them strong and healthy but that too much of even good things can make them sick. They can learn that medicine can also be good for people but only when used properly.

You can start to tell your children about medicines even when they are very young. For example:

"Medicine is not candy."

"Even a little too much medicine can hurt you."

"Never use someone else's medicine."

"We keep medicine in a safe place."

"We use medicine only when we really need it. If I get a headache, I try rest, using a cold cloth or getting fresh air to get rid of it."

"Only I may give you medicine. If I'm not with you, I'll tell you who is allowed to give you medicine."

Some children require medicine for health problems such as asthma or diabetes. It's impor-tant for you and your child to understand what medicines do and to follow the doctor's directions for use.If you have any questions about any medicine, be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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