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Info for Parents Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Information for Parents

Children and youth show their problems in different areas of their lives and in a variety of ways. A child or adolescent who functions well at home may have problems in another setting, such as in the classroom or with peers. Some young people may show signs of anxiety or depression, while others may exhibit aggression, get in trouble with the law or have difficulties with substance use.

As a parent or caregiver, you may feel confused and anxious about meeting the needs of a child or youth with these issues, and about where and how to seek information and treatment. CAMH's Child, Youth and Family Service treats young people with mental health and/or addiction problems. The CAMH information below can help you learn more about parenting and mental health issues.

Youth Mental Health: Videos

Youth and Technology 101: Online Course

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Learn about internet issues and what to do about them.

Parenting and Mental Health Issues

Parenting, Drugs and Addictions

Teens and Tweens Podcasts

Interviews with experts in adolescent mental health and addictions hosted by adolescent and family therapist Avrum Nadigel.

  1. Smoking
  2. Adolescence from a psychoanalytic perspective
  3. Adolescent substance misuse  
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  4. Internet addiction  
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  5. A multigenerational approach to understanding teens
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  6. Mother and daughter relationships  
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  7. Cyber risk
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  8. Eating disorders
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  9. Substance-Induced Psychosis 
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When a parent has a problem: What kids want to know

Mothers and babies

Exposure to Psychotropic Medications and Other Substances during Pregnancy and Lactation: A Handbook for Health Care Providers Developed through a partnership between Motherisk and CAMH
A great deal of misinformation exists about women’s use of substances during pregnancy and lactation. A health care provider’s challenge is to know the true risks and benefits, both to the mother and to her fetus or baby, of taking versus stopping the use of a medication or other substance. Yet the average provider is not well equipped to give the best advice to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and exposed to psychotropics.

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