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Information for Children and Youth

CAMH's books and pamphlets all share one key feature: a foundation of solid research and evaluation, giving you the confidence that no better information is available in the field. Below you will find a number of youth related publications that are available through the CAMH Publications catalogue.

Children's Book Series

Children living with a parent dealing with substance use and/or mental health problems often have important and unanswered questions:

  • Why does my mom or dad act the way she or he does?
  • Will my mom or dad get better?
  • Why is my family so different?
  • Is it my fault?
  • Will it happen to me?

CAMH's storybooks for children are engaging, clinically grounded educational resources -- the first of their kind to be published in Canada.  They offer a starting point for a discussion about problems in the family, and offer answers to common questions kids have.  The storylines and the illustrations reflect ethnocultural diversity, making these books highly accessible and relevant to a broad range of children. Books have a Grade 3 reading level.  They are designed to be "stand alone" for those children who can read, or  used as a clinical tool, to help facilitate difficult conversations.  The books will be helpful for parents and other family members, teachers, school counsellors, librarians, and addiction and mental health professionals.

Smoking and Quitting:  Clean Air for All

A story that addresses children’s concerns when people they know and love smoke

Smoking and Quitting tells the story of Daniel and his neighbour Trev's desire to live in a smoke-free home and apartment building. Neither of them can understand why his parents and other people they care about smoke when they know that it’s bad for them. Smoking was becoming a big problem. Mustering up their courage, Daniel and Trev decided to hold a meeting to make their building smoke free. Everyone agreed to try to quit. Daniel began to worry when his mother started smoking again, and he learned that it was good to talk about his feelings and concerns. But they all had a lot to celebrate by the end of the summer; their building was almost smoke free! Published 2011 - 32 pages - Limited quantity available free of charge - Product Code: P5609

Can I Catch It Like a Cold:  A Story to Help Children Understand a Parent's Depression

This book helps children of depressed parents understand their parent's disorder. With wonderful, full-colour illustrations, the book explores children's questions through the story of Alex, an eight-year-old boy who can't understand why his father cries alone and doesn't attend Alex's soccer games. Alex discovers that his father is depressed, and through the help of family, friends and professionals, Alex gains understanding of his father's condition. Published 2009 - 32 pages - $19.95 - Product Code: P5556

Wishes & Worries: A story to Help Children Understand A Parent Who Drinks Too Much Alcohol

As the candles are being lit on Maggies' birthday cake, she wishes with all her might that her ninth birthday party will be better that last years. Last year, her father had been drinking, and he embarrassed her in front of her friends. This book follows Maggie as she learns that it is okay to reach out for help and that she is not responsible for her father's drinking. Published 2005 - 32 pages - $9.95 - Product Code: P5599

What Kids Want to Know… Brochure Series

These brochures will prepare adults to talk to children about difficult, confusing situations. They list common questions that children have, along with suggestions for how to answer their questions. You can order a package of 25 for $6.25

  • When a Parent Is Depressed... What Kids Want to Know
    When a parent is depressed, it can be confusing and upsetting for children. This brochure lists common questions children have about their parent's depression as well as suggestions on how to answer those questions. Published in 2002 - Product code PM023
  • When a Parent Drinks Too Much Alcohol...What Kids Want to Know
    Children have a lot of questions and fears when a parent drinks too much alcohol. This brochure lists common questions children have about their parent's alcohol problem, as well as suggestions for how to answer their questions. Published in 2005 - Product code PM048
  • When a Parent Has Bipolar Disorder . . . What Kids Want to Know
    When a parent has bipolar disorder, children need some explanation and support, geared to their age, to help them understand. This brochure will help parents begin talking to children about this often-misunderstood disorder. Published in 2003 - Product code PM029
  • When a Parent Dies by Suicide . . . What Kids Want to Know
    When a parent or other family member dies by suicide, children's questions can be especially difficult to answer. This brochure will prepare parents and other adults to take the first step in talking to children about suicide. Published in 2004 - Product code PM037
  • When a Parent Has Experienced Psychosis... What Kids Want to Know
    This brochure will help parents begin to talk to their children about psychosis. It answers the most common questions children have when their parent has psychotic symptoms. Published in 2005 - Product Code PM046

About... series (Information for young people about drugs)

Revised and updated! These five full-colour publications, written and illustrated in a foldout tabloid style, use a humorous approach to deliver a serious message to teens. Each publication describes the drug itself, who uses it, and the sensations and dangers associated with the drug. It also gives information on substance use problems, legal penalties, health concerns, how to reduce the risks, and more.

These pamphlets come in packages of 25 for $10.00.

Set of all five titles - 125 booklets in total - product code P384​​​​​​

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