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Can I Catch It like a Cold? Coping with a Parent’s Depression

First hardcover edition published by Tundra Books and CAMH, 2009. Illustrated by Joe Weissmann. Based on the original paperback edition published by CAMH, 2002.

Why is my parent acting this way? Will my parent get better? Is it my fault? Can I catch depression like a cold? These are among the many questions asked by children when a parent has depression.

When children do not have answers to their questions, they tend to come up with their own, which can be incorrect and frightening. Can I Catch It like a Cold? explores children’s common questions through the story of Alex, a young boy who cannot understand why his father sleeps so much and doesn’t go to work anymore; he also doesn’t attend Alex’s soccer games. Alex discovers that his father is depressed, and through the help of family, friends and mental health professionals, Alex gains a greater understanding of depression and stops feeling so alone and confused.

The first in the Coping Series of children’s books published by Tundra Books and CAMH, Can I Catch It like a Cold? is written for children aged five to nine years old. It is intended for use by parents, extended family, teachers and mental health professionals who want to address the impact of depression in children’s lives.

Can I Catch It Like a Cold? Coping with a Parent’s Depression spurs dialogue, offers reassurance and allays fears for those who cope with this adult-sized problem.

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Can I Catch It like a Cold?
has been awarded Curriculum Services Canada's CSC Seal, recommending it as a reference for teachers and other school professionals who work with children and youth.

Ordering Information

  • ISBN 978-0-88776-956-6 • 32 pages; full colour illustrations • hardcover
  • $19.95 CAD; $17.95 US • published 2009 • product code P5556
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