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Schizophrenia: An Information Guide Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Appendix 1

Schizophrenia: An Information Guide

Over the years, different types of schizophrenia have been described in a number of ways. The following classifications have been taken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (fourth edition) – DSM-IV.

  1. Disorganized type – Obvious personality disorganization marked by incoherence and a flat, silly affect. Other common features are making faces, odd mannerisms, preoccupation with bodily complaints and wanting to be left alone.
  2. Catatonic type – Marked disturbance in physical activity, either a long period of immobility in a strange position or uncontrollable excitement.
  3. Paranoid type – Belief that others are plotting against them and persecuting them. May exhibit unreasonable jealousy or think they are unusually powerful and important. Auditory hallucinations (hearing voices) may accompany these ideas.
  4. Undifferentiated type – Psychotic symptoms that cannot be found in the above categories. Symptoms from more than one category.
  5. Residual type – Symptoms of schizophrenia which remain after an active episode.
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