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Anxiety Disorders Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Anxiety Disorders Information Guide

Anxiety disorders: An information guide

From: Anxiety disorders: An information guide (© 2005, 2008 CAMH)
This guide is for people with anxiety disorders, their families, partners, friends and anyone else who might be interested. The many aspects of anxiety disorders discussed in this book will answer some common questions, and help readers discuss anxiety disorders with treatment providers.
  • What is normal anxiety?
  • How does anxiety affect us?
  • When is anxiety a problem?
  • ​What are the anxiety disorders?
2. What causes anxiety disorders?
Psychological factors
Biological factors
Other factors
3. Treatment for anxiety disorders
Cognitive-behavioural therapy
Medication options
4. Recovery and relapse prevention
Preventing relapse and promoting wellness
Relationship with a partner
5. Help for partners and families
What happens when someone you love has an anxiety disorder?
When your relative is first diagnosed
How to relate to your family member
Partners and families need to take care of themselves
Explaining anxiety disorders to children
Suggested readings
Internet resources
We would like to thank the people who shared their personal experiences with anxiety with us, and the people with anxiety disorders, family members and mental health professionals who reviewed earlier drafts. Reviewers included Sheila Gamblen and Veronica King; professional reviewers were Sandie Leith, MSW, RSW, Mary Lalonde, OT, and Donna Weick, MSW, RSW.
We would also like to thank past authors of other guides in this series whose work provided a foundation for the information presented here. In particular, we would like to thank Christina Bartha, Carol Parker and Cathy Thomson.​
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