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Exciting Announcement: New CAMH.CA website is launching late April 2018

CAMH Care Providers Overview Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

CAMH Care Providers Overview

Professional Practice at CAMH

There are currently twelve professional disciplines at CAMH. These are the regulated professions as well as unregulated professions. All professional disciplines have a discipline chief. The goals are to:

  • Ensure standards of professional care based on evidence based best practices, and including relevant legislation and regulation are met by all professionals at CAMH
  • Build and disseminate knowledge about best practices and standards
  • Provide a forum to discuss and examine professional and clinical issues
  • Support recruitment of highly qualified and skilled staff
  • Support retention by creating the conditions for inclusion in professional practice councils and forums
  • Enhance the profile of CAMH in the academic community
  • Engage in, and support research
  • Facilitate collaboration and development of clinical services
  • Keep abreast of emerging issues and trends in health care and to ensure that practitioners have the requisite knowledge and skills to deal with them
  • Be a leader in the development of innovative clinical care
  • Facilitate practices that create healthy work environments
  • Be a leader in supporting quality improvement activities

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