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Specialty Clinics Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Gender Identity Clinic (Adult)

The Adult Gender Identity Clinic at CAMH offers specialty services to both individuals and their primary care practitioners in Ontario in regard to issues related to gender identity and expression, including gender expansive, trans and  non-binary identities.  We support the person in meeting their gender journey goals.  The Clinic follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care (WPATH),V7 for transition related surgery (TRS). The program offers a comprehensive response to the variety of clinical issues experienced by clients.  The clinical team is interdisciplinary and includes social work, psychiatry and psychology staff with specialized expertise in trauma informed mental health and addiction care. 
In March 2016 the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) introduced a regulation change which improves and expands access to assessment for Transition Related Surgery for Ontarians. CAMH and its community partners championed this expansion of access to assessments for gender affirming surgery. In anticipation of this important system change CAMH partnered with Sherbourne Health Centre (including Rainbow Health Ontario) and Women’s College Hospital on a proposal to expand access to surgery related care. Thanks to funding from the MOHLTC the Trans Health Expansion (THEx) partnership is working on several key priorities including improved access to assessment, building capacity of primary care providers, and enhancing access to surgery and post-surgical recovery and support.

Our Services

For Individuals
The clinic offers consultations and support to individuals over 18 who wish to explore issues related to their gender identity, which may include any degree of transgender expression. Consultation and support may include: comprehensive mental health assessments, individual support and treatment, group-based support and treatment, as well as recommendations for surgery funding and referrals for clients seeking transition-related surgeries.
For Community Professionals
The Adult Gender Identity Clinic provides support and consultations to primary care practitioners and other clinicians in the community and in other health care settings to help them help their clients reach their goals related to gender identity and expression.  This may include consultations in regard to completing a mental health assessment, consultation in regard to completing a surgery approval assessment, or -being a second assessor for surgery approvals. The clinic will work collaboratively with you and your organization/practice to help you meet your client’s goals. Clinicians and organizations wanting consultation by the clinic for clients currently on our wait list can contact our clinic at 416-535-8501 ext. 30985.

The Referral Process for Individuals

The clinic accepts referrals for assessments, treatment, and consultation regarding transition-related surgery from a licensed physician (MD) or nurse practitioner (NP).  Ask your health care provider to fill out the CAMH Adult Referral Form available on this website.  It should be faxed to Access CAMH, (CAMH’s centralized intake). If you have any questions about the referral or intake process, please call Access CAMH. The contact information for referrals is:

Access CAMH phone: 416-535-8501, and then press 2
Access CAMH fax: 416-979-6815

Wait times for assessment

From 2008 – 2016 the MOHLTC regulation stipulated that CAMH was the sole assessment site for OHIP funded transition related surgery (TRS) in Ontario. (From 1998-2008 TRS was not funded by OHIP).  As a result of this system requirement a substantial backlog developed.   In March 2016 the MOHLTC announced a regulation change to enable a range of qualified health care providers to conduct assessments for TRS surgeries.  The Toronto Central LHIN funded a partnership project (THEx) to support improved access for trans related health care.  At CAMH this meant the addition of 2 full time social workers and 1.5 psychologists. These changes have enabled CAMH to make a number of enhancements to our service and to make significant reductions in the wait times.  From March 2016 to January 2018, we eliminated the pre-regulation waitlist, and have reduced the wait time by over 50 %.  We continue to receive an increase in referrals, at the same time as we continue to work to reduce the current wait times.




GIC staff are currently booking initial appointments with clients originally referred to this clinic in:

Wait time for an assessment is currently approximately 10 months.

If you have questions about your place on the waitlist, please call:
(416) 535 8501 ext. 30985


Clinic Location

The Adult Gender Identity Clinic is located in Toronto on the 3rd floor at 100 Stokes Street, CAMH Queen Street Site, (Queen and Ossington). However, some appointments take place at 250 College Street, CAMH College Street site (College and Spadina).  The appointment location will be confirmed with you at the time appointments are made. The clinic also uses tele-medicine (you go to a local health provider, usually a local hospital, where video conferencing is available) to improve access to service for clients who live outside of Toronto.  Typically, this is used for second and or subsequent appointments.

Training Professionals

The Clinic plays a significant role in training health professionals in culturally competent delivery of mental health assessment and treatment services to trans and gender expansive communities. We train and provide practicum and residency opportunities for social worker students, psychologists and other health disciplines, including more than 10 Ph.D. level clinical psychologists over the past 5 years.

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