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Gender Identity Clinic (Adult)

Range of Services

The Adult Gender Identity Clinic at CAMH offers consultations and support to anyone over 18 who wishes to explore issues related to their gender identity, which may include any degree of transgender expression. We also offer comprehensive mental health assessments, support and referrals for surgery for clients seeking transition-related surgeries.

With the welcomed recent announcement by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that expanded access for transition-related surgeries, CAMH is no longer the only clinic that can assess and refer individuals for transition-related surgery funding.   Primary Health Care Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are now able to do so as well.

As such, CAMH is in the process of contacting the physicians and nurse practitioners who have previously submitted referrals to our clinic in order to determine how we will proceed with the care of individuals who desire surgery approval.  There are several options:

(1) Arranging for completion of all required assessments by your physician or nurse practitioner (and you coming off the CAMH waitlist), or

(2) Your physician or nurse practitioner intending to complete one of the two required assessments (for gonadal or genital surgery), with CAMH providing the other, or

(3) Continuing with the plan of CAMH completing all the necessary assessments.

While we can offer assessments for hormone treatment, for clients with uncomplicated histories this is best done with your primary health care practitioner. Please see the April 2016 Update for more updated information.

The Referral Process

The clinic continues to accept referrals for consultation regarding transition-related surgery from a licensed physician (MD) or nurse practitioner (NP).  Ask your health care provider to fill out the CAMH Adult Referral Form available on this website.  It should be faxed to Access CAMH, CAMH’s new centralized intake. If you have any questions about the referral or intake process, please call Access CAMH. The contact information for referrals is:

Access CAMH phone: 416-535-8501, press 2

Access CAMH fax: 416-979-6815

Clinic Location

The Adult Gender Identity Clinic is located in Toronto on the 3rd floor at 100 Stokes Street, CAMH Queen Street Site, (Queen and Ossington). However, some appointments take place at 250 College Street, CAMH College Street site (College and Spadina).  The appointment location will be confirmed with you at the time appointments are made. The clinic also uses tele-medicine (you go to a local health provider, usually a local hospital, where video conferencing is available) to improve access to service for clients who live outside of Toronto.  Typically, this is used for second and or subsequent appointments. 


The following links provide seasonal updates about our clinic:


Call for participation

Are you interested in working with health care providers, administrators, and members of trans communities, to contribute to creating a better system for accessing transition-related surgery in Ontario? Have you or a loved one had, or want, transition-related surgery?

Sherbourne Health Centre, Rainbow Health Ontario, Women’s College Hospital, and the CAMH Adult Gender Clinic are working together to expand access to surgery-related health care for trans people. Read about opportunities to participate in Trans Health Expansion

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