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Complex Mental Illness/Schizophrenia Services Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health


LEARN offers a range of social, educational, and vocational services for young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis. The goal is to build social roles that increase involvement in community life. To access LEARN services, individuals must have a psychiatrist and a case manager affiliated with the Schizophrenia Program at CAMH.

LEARN offers a wide range of services that help clients:

  • decide what their employment needs are and find employment
  • meet their educational goals
  • become more active socially
  • take part in leisure activities

Programming at LEARN Includes:

General Educational Development (GED)
This program is developed for young people with psychosis. Individuals are offered the opportunity to prepare for the Grade 12 equivalency exam, in both individual and classroom formats, at a pace that suits their own needs. It provides accommodation in the classroom and for exams.

Recovery Program
A range of individual and group supports are available to meet to needs of clients during the recovery process including: education about psychosis; peer support; therapeutic and recovery-based groups; help with addressing substance use; a range of structured and unstructured activities to help people reintegrate into social networks and the community after a first episode of psychosis; and help resuming non GED-educational roles, like college and university.

Family Program
A first episode of psychosis can be distressing for the whole family. A family worker is available to provide families with education, support and/or counseling throughout the recovery process. Families have opportunity to learn more about psychosis and the management of the illness, allowing them to be involved in their loved one’s treatment. Family psychosis education groups are available, as well as taking care of the caregiver groups. Individual family support is also available.

The LEARN team includes an occupational therapist, a social worker, a teacher, a peer recovery facilitator, psychiatrist and an employment specialist.

For more information, you can read the guide Promoting Recovery from First Episode Psychosis - a guide for families (PDF format, 500 Kb).


For LEARN, please complete the “Adult Referral Form”

For the GED program, please complete the “Adult Referral Form”:

Referral Required: Yes. Self referrals are welcome. See related links box for referral form.

Contact: (416) 535-8501, ext. 36234 or 36496 (Schizophrenia Intake Coordinator)

Contact: Fax: (416) 260-4197

Contact: LEARN Clinic: 416-535-8501, ext. 77300

Location: 1709 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario

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