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Gender Identity Clinic

Range of Services

The Adult Gender Identity Clinic at CAMH offers consultations and support to anyone over 18 who wishes to explore issues related to their gender identity or gender dysphoria which may include any degree of transgender expression. We also conduct comprehensive assessments for transsexual clients seeking hormone treatment and/or sex reassignment surgery.

The Gender Identity Clinic provides psychoeducational sessions to families and consultation to employers of clinic clients, provided we have your signed consent. Otherwise all consultations are strictly confidential.

Due to limited staff resources and other organizations offering similar services, we are not running  group support programming at this time. People within the Toronto area are encouraged to contact the Sherbourne Health Centre for their Gender Journeys program, a facilitated, time-limited and closed support group supporting people questioning their gender and/or contemplating transition; the 519 Church Street Community Centre for open-ended, peer-based trans support groups; and Xpressions, a membership-based support and social group for cross-dressers. If you are living elsewhere in Ontario and need help locating group support in your area, please feel free to contact the CAMH Gender Identify Clinic

The Consultation Process

In order for you to be seen for consultation, the clinic requires a referral from a licensed physician (designation: MD) or a nurse practitioner (designation: NRP). Ask your doctor to fill out the CAMH Adult Referral Form. It should be faxed directly to the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) at 416-583-1360. If the referring clinician has any administrative questions, they should contact the GIC program secretary at 416-535-8501 x 36833.

Be sure your doctor has all the most up-to-date contact information for you. Once we receive the referral, we will send you a brief questionnaire to fill out. When we receive your completed questionnaire, we will book your initial assessment appointment with the clinic. Given the volume of people we see, it may be a number of months after we receive your questionnaire that you are seen for initial assessment.

Guides for Surgery/Hormones (Source: Vancouver Coastal Health)


For further information, please contact:

  • GIC Social Worker: Christina Yager
    Tel: 416-535-8501, ext. 36858
    Fax (416) 583-1360
  • GIC Secretary:
    (416) 535-8501, ext. 36833
    Fax (416) 583-1360
  • GIC Manager: Brenda Finlayson
    (416) 535-8501, ext. 33572

Referral Required: Yes

The Gender Identity Service with the Child, Youth and Family Program offers consultation to those under 18.


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