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Gender Identity Clinic: Spring 2014 update

Dear community members and partners,

The CAMH Adult Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) is pleased to present the data regarding approved surgeries last year (2013). Building on the data from previous years found in our Surgery FAQ document, we approved 129 surgeries last year. These included 70 vaginoplasties, 27 chest surgeries, 16 hysterectomies, 9 metoidioplasties and 7 phalloplasties. The total number of surgeries is similar to last year, reflecting the benefits of our previous policy work and our team’s workload at full capacity.

Applications were made last year to new surgeons, from which the Ministry of Health was able to form some new provider relationships. The Ministry currently has working relationships with: Drs. Brassard and Belanger in Montreal, Dr. Meltzer in Arizona, Dr. Crane in San Francisco, Dr. McGinn in Philadelphia, Dr. Leis in Philadelphia, Dr. Monstrey in Ghent (Belgium), and Mr. Nim Christopher in London (England). This list may be subject to change, but we hope this information is helpful in building client awareness about surgeon choice for future decision-making.

We are very pleased that Christina Yager’s contract has been extended with us until the summer. Her role has been highly valued in the enhanced service we are able to provide clients. This work includes continuing to evaluate a pilot project that seeks additional efficiencies in our process to reduce wait times. We appreciate that the wait to see us is substantial and can be difficult on clients. We are doing our best to improve the wait times and will continue to keep you informed. Clinic Head and psychiatrist Dr. Christopher McIntosh and our manager, Brenda Finlayson along with the rest of the clinic staff welcome you to the clinic. We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

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