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Addictions Services Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Problem Gambling and Technology Use Treatment Services

Offers services for those people whose gambling or technology use is problematic, leading to difficulties in other parts of their lives.

For Gambling, services are provided to those over 18 and their families and for Problem Technology use, services are provided to individuals over 16 and their parents.  Services are also available for family members whose loved one is not participating in treatment as well as those who family members or loved one is participating in treatment.

Problem use of technology includes devices such as smart phones, computers, gaming, internet or social media use etc. that is negatively interfering with a person’s life. 

When gambling or technology use is problematic people typically have difficulties in various parts of their lives such as relationships with family or friends, school achievement, finances or work.  

Family members are strongly encouraged to participate in services along with their loved ones, and are also welcome to attend on their own.  Problem gambling and problem technology use always impacts family members, and it is often helpful for the family to recover together.

Service at the clinic starts with an individual appointment to understand the impact gambling or technology use is having on a person’s life and to identify any co-occurring concerns that may also be present and that may also require some attention. 

  • After an initial assessment (typically one to three meetings) a plan is made with the client and/or family member.
  • During the course of treatment at the clinic, all clients have a primary therapist who they meet with on a regular basis to discuss progress, specific concerns and in some cases provide specific counselling.  This is usually the person you met at your initial meeting.
  • Most clients also participate in group services as well.  The client and therapist will decide together if this is the best approach.  If not, other options may be discussed. 
  • Our therapists work collaboratively with  an interprofessional team
  • As required, consultation by a psychiatrist and/or referrals to other services at CAMH or outside of CAMH may also be available or recommended.
  • Languages available: English, French, Farsi, Finnish, and through partnerships with community agencies, referrals to problem gambling services in many other languages.
  • Additional resources can be found at

New Service: Since May 2017 the clinic is offering a specific group designed for Adults who are using technology to the point it is interfering with their life. Please click here for more information about this and our other groups.

Youth Family and Interactive Technology Brochure (PDF)
Problem Gambling and Technology Treatment Groups (PDF)

Location of Program:

Main office:  3rd floor, 33 Russell Street, Toronto, Ontario

If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s gambling or technology use behavior please contact Access CAMH, the centralized intake service at CAMH

Access CAMH contact 416-535-8501, press 2

Referral Required: No, you may call directly and refer yourself. 

For service outside of the metro Toronto region contact the Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline at 1 888-230-3505 at any time.  They will be able to provide you with contact information for the nearest treatment agency.



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