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Addictions Services Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health

Scarborough Addiction Services Partnership (SASP)

The Scarborough Addiction Services Partnership (SASP) is a network of agencies which join together to address Addiction related service needs in Scarborough, one of the most ethno-culturally diverse and socially disadvantaged and historically under-served regions in the Greater Toronto Area.  The network is comprised of more than twenty agencies which provide services in Scarborough, including:  addictions and mental health services, ethno-cultural organizations, hospitals, social housing, community centres, homelessness services and other allies.

Through short-term minor grants administered by CAMH, Scarborough agencies partner to provide community-based addiction/substance use services, knowledge exchange and capacity building activities for residents and agencies of Scarborough.  SASP collaboration efforts have provided services to a diverse group of substance users and their families, across a range of ages, location, language, gender, and ethno-racial populations.

Please note: SASP is a network of various services in Scarborough; as such, it does not itself employ social service professionals or provide addiction treatment services.


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